Sunday, September 09, 2007

I miss you Mom..

Yesterday, i visited Cologne with my new South Indian frds..Kavitha and Bindu..both from Banglore..

Somehow, till date i have liked almost everybody from Banglore..really want to be a part of this city's life for a long span!!

The trip was quite amazing..many factors contributing to it..fst being all gal's group...n all the excitement associated with the magic no. 3..

Like in my school days...It was KAP

...........Khayati Anu Pooja..pakki yaari..

College days

........... Shailly Dolly Polly.......Polly being me!!

Childhood days.......

Nidhi Neera Pooja........We 3 sisters...

Shrey Mummy Pooja...Mummy being the moderator when i n my brother fight..

Papa Nanaji consisting of 3 gen..We 3 think so much alike..

Masti time with cousins........

Divya Shruti Pooja..

Garima Neeraj Pooja..

And the sweetest..

Smriti Nandy Pooja..My loveliest nieces..the apple of everybodys' eyes!!!

Coming back to Cologne.....we spent a lot of time at the Cathedral, Chocolate museum, Ludwig museum..and one antique shop..

After visiting Ludwig museum, i really felt blessed..a wonderful piece of art..

The place made me feel that either i shd leave everythng n join an art course or i shd really strive to do some wonders in my current occupation..
There is no fun living just a normal life..

Nowadays i am reading Mitch Albom's novel..." For one more Day"..

It beautifully describes the unending love of a mother for her son who has lost the battle in almost every sphere of life..A heartbroken guy who is not even invited to his own daughter's wedding..

How she comes back to earth to give a new meaning to his life..

Though i have just finished half of it..i really want to express my thanks to Mitch for presenting such a wonderful piece of fiction..

Here i go, with a poem..(my fst attempt with fiction though..) an attempt to decipher the magic of 3-letter word Mom..

When you climbed those steps to heaven..
With that red shawl n lipper so red..
I did not realise, i will miss you Mom...

Today when i want you to meet the love of my life,

I miss you Mom..

When i fall sick n all your herbal remedies i look for,

I miss you Mom..

When i wait unendingly for that special Birthday kiss,

I miss you Mom..

When i fail to cook tasty food for my father,

I miss you Mom..

When i fail to convince my smoking n drinking brother,

I miss you Mom..

When i see a new dress n think of all those lovely home-made dresses,

I miss you Mom..

When my siblings crave for the listening ear of their mother,

I miss you Mom..

When i shout at others n seek for forgiveness,

I miss you Mom..

When i take your hanky n soak it with my tears,

I miss you Mom..

When we all sit tghter at festival time n forget in between the deity's prayer,

I miss you Mom..

But when i close my eyes..

I find you being all around..

That same lovely face..

That same lovely smile..

and i find you so near..

That rangoli of love

made while wrapping joys in the form of tear..

filled with the love n respect for truth with no fear..

That makes me wish..

to carry forward this beautiful legacy..

with all my determination and a prayer..

For in each and every life of mine..

I wish you n only you to be my mother..

I love you Mom..


Amita Gajewar said...

Hi Puju,

So Sweettt :))



Anonymous said...

U were right, i was close to tears reading the depth in it.
I just loved it.

Nadir said...

Simply superb Pooja
Very touching
Nice, keep writing!

Good to know it Test said...

Really really great!!
Loved it from heart

Soulmate said...

I must say that I could feel the emotions behind this lovely poem for Mom.. Good going...