Wednesday, May 09, 2018

A Happy state?

A not so happy state is what,

You shut, I shut

You shut, I open


I shut, U open


Both partially shut in verbose

But Fully open inside

A happy state i wish to be,

where others also remain in the same

I bring solace to myself first

Then can only bring to others

No wonder, what we do to others
Often comes back to us

Let me have the wisdom to be happy
When i wish to be

And at the same time,

Let me have the courage that even other be happy
when i cannot agree with somebody verbally

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Life is a dream

Life is a dream,
As it has always been

Gearing up for a new house,
 Which has been my husband's dream

Full of positivity, Love n masti,
 i wish its surroundings to be

Thanks to nature, thanks to well wishers,
  Here's a dream come true

  For soon we will be dwelling in a  house,
            So beautiful and sheen

Wil miss You soon to be called 'old house',
You've been a lucky charm

Though present one is also lovely,
      But often we have to move on

A  birthday present for my lifeline
  From the nature, for my loved one

Smitten by ur aura,
      glorified in ur presence

Ur lifelong companions - Ashvik and I,
      will continue having great moments

3 days to go  for *#HAPPY BIRTHDAY GJ *