Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pinging or Bringing Networks to Life..))

When "People Networks" merge with "Technology networks" resultant is


Together they are combining communities.

Connecting 5 Billion people!!

Innovations that make a difference!

Passionate.Pragmatic.Pioneering. ...

IP convergence.
Environmental performance..
and much much more ........................&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&.......................

A new kind of company, for a new era!!...

Every telecom company is wonderful..
Mine is Aricent..
Aricent is wonderful..

GOD could not have given me better...This is surely the BEST year till date..
And i hope i say the same next year..

Why..well thats again easy to make out...
But what is not so easy to make out.....
Why i hope someone else says the same next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Thanks Aricent..

Hope the innovation n satisfaction of Aricent employees remains at the peak!!!
Good day"

Monday, July 30, 2007

Imagine Life Without...

Can't imagine life without Education...
For this is a must for salvation...

Can't imagine life without a friend
For you can't learn to share until you have a friend

Can't imagine life without the freedom to think and act
For all the magnanimous acts till date, have a great mind at work

Can't imagine life without love..
For even a loss is counted as being won only in love..

Can't imagine life without music and prayer.
For it relaxes your mind like none other..

And last but not the least...
Can't imagine life without pure water, rich soil and oxy rich air
For this is the least we can think of when in despair..

So lets make a pledge..

To help atleast one seed grow a year..
To help a friend in his times of fear..
To be the voice everyone loves to hear..

For God sent you on this earth..
To make every moment
full of love, hope and prayer!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Maiya mori, Mai nahin Maakhan Khayo!!

A friend of mine recently gifted me some bhajans..
and i have been listening to them all thru my weekend..

and one of them has surely touched my soul...
Oh maiya mori ...
oh maiya mori.......
mai nahin maakhan khayo!!

GOD has created so many beautiful relationships on this earth...

and one of the most auspicious n loveliest being the relationship between a mother and a son..

This Bhajan has been sung by many..and i have recently heard it in Anup Jalota's voice..
And i am all thrilled to hear his voice again and again...))

and this song is just so heart rending..

Had read Swami Vivekanad's teachings once, which emphasized that mother is the most sacred form of God and should be served with utmost respect and care.

This song depicts the beautiful relationship between Lord of the Lords, Lord Krishna in his childhood and his mother Maiya Yashoda!!

How naughty Bal Gopal is trying to hide that he has not consumed Maakhan..

Oh Maiya mori main nahin maakhan khaayo!!

Emotionally blackmailing his mother..telling her that you dont consider me ur part..and hence punishing me...Bringing tears in her eyes..and her maiya agreeing...

Oh Kanhaiya more, Tain nahin maakhan khaayo!!

and finally seeing..that mother is all set to forgive me..so accepts that He only ate Maakhan!!

Oh Maiya mori, mene hee maakhan khayo!!!

visit the link, to see the lyrics!!


Maiya Mori Maein Nahin Maakhan Khayo
Kahat Sunat Mein Aakar Kaahe Jhootha Dosh Lagayo
Ri Maiya Mori Maein Nahin Maakhan Khayo

Yamuna Ke Tat Par Gwal Bal Sang Char Sahar Maein Khela
Gaiya Charavat Bansi Bajavat Sanj Ki Bela
Bhook Lagi To Daudat Daudat Seedha Maein Ghar Aayo
Maiya Mori...

Na Koi Maine Matki Phodi Na Koi Ki Hai Chori
Jaan Liya Kyon Mujhko Jhootha Toone Maiya Mori
Apne Ang Ko Kaise Samjha Toone Aaj Parayo
Maiya Mori...

Mein To Baba Nand Ke Lala Kaahe Chor Kahaun
Apne Ghar Mein Kaun Kami Jo Bahar Makhan Khaun

Baat Suni To Mata Yashoda Hanskar Kanth Lagayo
Phir Boli - Tu Nahin Makhan Khayo
Re Krishna More, Tu Nahin Makhan Khayo!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Princess who wanted the Moon

Was gazing at the sky yesterday night, when suddenly i caught hold of a rare n amazing glimpse!!
one moon n one star...
for stars are so rare here..
and i was quite happy to have that glimpse yest..
i captured it in my digi cam flash..
and then all of a sudden, i remembered the story of "The princess who wanted the Moon"..
I had read that in my English Gulmohar somewhere in i guess 4th or 5th Std..
and wanted to revisit it today again!
here are the links!!
The first part of the story signifies how worse can things turn up if the kids are grown in a pampered and uncontrolled manner..
and the second part of the story signifies how fruitful it can be when we think out of the box....
well, i need to work upon both of these lessons!!
I have been behaving quite impulsively and hurting others quite often...
Fruitful thinking often leads to better results, as there is no straight solution to most of the problems...
Hope, i keep on working on these 2 aspects!!
Ending with the beautiful prayer!!
Thank you God, for the world so sweet,
Thank you God, for the food we eat!!
Thank you God, for the birds that chirp,
Thank you God, for everything!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


First of all!!

let me congratulate myself.....

for this is my 50th post in last 9.5 months......

so, here i am celebrating my silver jubilee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Kudos to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had always wished it to be quite special......

n surprisingly...............it is very special.......

see how...

what is the date today....... 13th---

Day today........ Friday...............................

and i have subscribed to dictionary.com for a word a day!!!

and guess what what is the word for today!!!!!!!

yes......... my title...


and here i go with the explanation provided by them:


Word of the Day for Friday, July 13, 2007

triskaidekaphobia \tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\, noun:

A morbid fear of the number 13 or the date Friday the 13th.

Thirteen people, pledged to eliminate triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13,
today tried to reassure American sufferers by renting a 13 ft plot of land in
Brooklyn for 13 cents . . . a month.-- Daily Telegraph, January 14, 1967
Past disasters linked to the number 13 hardly help triskaidekaphobics overcome their affliction. The most famous is the Apollo 13 mission, launched on April 11, 1970 (the sum of 4, 11 and 70 equals 85 - which when added together comes to 13), from Pad 39 (three times 13) at 13:13 local time, and struck by an explosion on April 13.-- "It's just bad luck that the 13th is so often a Friday",
Electronic Telegraph, September 8, 1996

Triskaidekaphobia is from Greek treiskaideka, triskaideka, thirteen (treis, three + kai, and + deka, ten) + phobos, fear. In Christian countries the number 13 was considered unlucky because there were 13 persons at the Last Supper of Christ. Fridays are also unlucky, because the Crucifixion was on a Friday. Hence a Friday falling on the thirteenth day is regarded as especially unlucky.

Some famous triskaidekaphobes1:
Herbert Hoover
Mark Twain
Richard Wagner
Franklin Roosevelt1.

Source: "It's just bad luck that the 13th is so often a Friday," Electronic Telegraph, September 8, 1996
Dictionary.com Entry and Pronunciation for triskaidekaphobia

To see in detail, visit the link:

and i just hope, 13th proves lucky for one n all!!!!!

Happy 13th..
Happy Friday...
Happy 50th post...
and all the more happy me...
with my happy happy smile..
that is sure to last for the next thirteen regime...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The "CAN" Driver

I had recently gone to Finnland to attend some training session.

It was more of a fast forward transfer, running@ 1GBPS... or even faster, as unlike Indian employees, they dont prefer to stay after 5 :-)) and i was atrociously overburdened to cover as much as possible!!

I had done some homework before, so had a basic idea of what all will be dumped to my flash memory inside my brain..assuming that i have some say 256 x bytes of memory...where x varies for ( !0 to !infinity) ...hehehehehehehe...

I scratched their brains so much...some things were tough..some things were quite easy...and those trainers had been working on it for the last 2-3 years...so they were really confused as to why i was not able to grasp things with ease...Surprisingly they were also not from Finnland, but parts of Europe, Asia..))

They were good hosts as well!!
Took me along for Lunch...helped me get back to my Hotel Raddison..
One fine day, the server was down, and it was really tough to get a taxi...
Even the taxi drivers are not just drivers...they are quite polished people driving nothing less than Mercedes, Audi, BMW...
They also agreed that our system is heavily dependant on computer servers....

I scratched so much of their head...that it looked that they were really troubled with my questions..
But surprisingly, when i came back from Finnland, my supervisors told me that they have given a good feedback of mine..
Oh thats really cool!!!
lets hope things keep on working fine°°

Oh, coming to the title....every corner of my brain was flooded with all the embedded devices fundaas...most of them were new to me...Thanks to my 4 years in college...never tried to learn any... :-D

so, when i came back..i was able to derive many weird ideas from all those stuffed items in my brain..
One of them is related to the CAN driver..
This driver is mainly responsible for reading from/wriitng messages to the power module and the unit it delivers power to.
To give a rough idea, i have downloaded some random pictures from the net..Though they are not at all related to my work!!

I just caught hold of the name of this driver..which is so apt in real life as well°°

There is a "CAN" driver hidden or may be not so hidden for many, in each human being....

When we strive hard to achieve something meaningful...we just keep on using this CAN driver more and more..until we arrive at some desired position.......

As some of the big shots in my college days used to say......

"Rome was not built in a Day!
But we can build Rome in a day""---

Abhishek, Anoop this is for you...are you listening..... do you remember you had passed such a statement while we were enjoying sugarcane juice near PEC market, while working on that light automation project..initiated by some civil company..LG i guess.

If i am not wrong, Abhishek is in Manchester Business school, though he already had one MBA stamping from Nitie..

And Anoop, dont remember exactly, is working in Netherlands and was few days back looking for some university there for higher studies!!

well this is quite apt...isn't it...all these IITs'.. IIMs'.. top foreign/Indian universities passouts...aren't they a wonder in themselves...

their processing speed is much much faster.....
They surely rule the world....

Hope India keeps on producing more and more such prodigies..
and hope they start sharing their success mantras to general public as well!!

Here i go back to my work..
had taken a short break in office..when i was suddenly told that some meeting has been postponed..

Good day!
Hope we all keep on programming our CAN drivers for delivering some wonderful results!!

and yah Taj Mahal is now in the the new 7 wonders list!!
my 2 USD dint go waste!!
ChuzZZ ( 'Bye' in German)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4 * Yes!

Its been long since i posted last, but many many heartfelt thanks to dearest GOD for making me a global traveller.)))

This week has just started and i have already stayed in 3 different countries!

Had been travelling by Finnair today, when i caught hold of this article by Senta, the director of finnair airlines, who has recently visited India.

"They say that blooming Indian Businesses have four words for "Yes" and none for "No".
WITH THE "CAN DO" ATTITUDE, India is moving forward at SUCH a fast rate such that IT WILL BE THE MOST FAMOUS NATION BY THE END OF THE CENTURY.....""""""""

How happy i felt after reading this ))))

Have always wished the same for my country..

I am already on cloud nine..posting this while enjoying my stay in Hotel Raddison, Finland!!!!!!!!!

Life could not have given me better..
Have just returned from London, immensely enjoying my stay with my family members ..
It was just so amazing..

Got the much needed break from work.

So here i go with my four Yes!!! for the cities i have visited till date..alongwith the ratings on a scale of 5

1. Paris... nothing like it in the whole world..may be a visit to Switzerland only can help me come out of it (*****)

2. London ... my second home in Europe.. found the tower bridge awesome (**** and half )

3. Tulip Gardens, Kukenhoff, Holland... (*** and half )

4. Germany....what shd i say..every place is amazing..if u r plannin for a long stay in Europe...nothing like it..

Yet to explore Finland..but will not be able to do much, as it is an official visit..with no weekend.-((((

Surprisingly, Finnair has misplaced my check in baggage..lets see for how long i can survive with their survival kit..

Laptop charger also gone with the kit..can"t write more!!!

Hope i have a successful n enjoyable stay in Finland!..
Om Sai Nath!!!