Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding!

सावन का महीना, पवन करे शोर,
जीया रे झूमे ऐसे, जेसे वन मा नाचे मोर !!!!!!!!!

Last weekend i was in a paradise known as the City Beautiful, to attend one of the most beautiful events of my life....
My college times best buddy, Shailly's wedding.....!

It was so refreshing meeting college time buddies after 5 years, walking on the wide roads, passing by the markets, cinema halls, buildings that defined our 4 years of the college...

Most of my buddies were surprised to see the same smiling Pooja, absolutely no change in her behavior except the fact that she had shed so many pounds!!

Let me share a link first for my friends who wish to know more about Indian weddings:


The Himachal beauties had cast a magic spell everywhere, not just by their mesmerizing looks but also by their extremely hospitable attitude!

Seeing Shailly, it looked as if the Heavens had come down on earth to bless those auspicious moments...

It was heartening to visit a complete Indian wedding after almost an year, something that i had been longing for ever since i had left for Germany!

I looked so excited at all the ceremonies, the Jaymala and Agni-Phera ceremonies really touched my heart..

I will always remember those joyous moments i spent with dear Aunty, (Bride's mother); the moments that made me realize how special a daughter means to her mother.. How in her daughter's happiness she finds all the happiness of the heaven....!

Though i missed her Sangeet ceremony because of leave crunch at my end, i have written a song for those moments whose lyrics i want to share with everyone!

I am sure God will give me many chances to sing this song at many of my dear ones' weddings:

Banno re, Banno re, Pyari se Banno re,
Mummy ke Banno re, Papa ke Banno re!

Dadi ke banno re, Nani ke banno re,
Didi ke banno re, Bhaiya ke banno re!

Mausi ke banno re, chachu ke banno re,
Rishta hai atut yeh, Maa ka sapna sach hua banno re!

Tu hai Hamari re, Hum hai Tumhare re,
Teri rach gayee mehndi banno re, khanki chuddi banno re!

Jab aaye mere ghar, thee nanahi pari yeh banno re,
Ab jaayegi ghar se, dholi mein bethi sayani yeh banno re!

Sajh dhaj ke ghar se jayegi yeh banno re,
Sabse pyaar payegi meri bholi se banno re!

Piya ghar sajayegi ab yeh banno re,
Apne Papa ko bada yaad aayegi, pardesh ja rahi jo yeh banno re!

Mera mamta ke aanchal tujhe jab pukare yeh banno re,
Daudi chali aayegi yeh banno re!

Naye ghar mein naye rishte nibhayegi yeh banno re,
Apne Dil mein pyar ke deep hamesha jalayegi yeh banno re!

Banno re, Banno re,.. Ladho meri banno re!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thank You Strangers!!

I was browsing through my thoughts one day when i realized that my blog has beautifully utilized the free server space on blogger.com by trying my best in thanking my dear family members and loving friends for showering their unending mercy on me...

But there are some other great souls in my life whom i've badly failed to thank even once for being so considerate to me while brightening my days without asking for anything in return..!

This post of mine is exclusively dedicated to those strangers who have touched my soul in so many different ways. i may not be able to recall all but my heart surely owes a lot to them'''

1. My first thanks to the young boy working at the grocery store who delivers me mineral water container at my doorstep at the blink of a phone call..Thank you so much Mr. ...wish i had asked your name earlier..(

2. My second thanks to the PC expert in the office who always responds to my request whenever my office PC starts troubling in the middle of all deadlines.. My satisfactory office ratings would not have been possible without your timely help!

3. My third thanks to my landlady who keeps on pinging me whenever she foresees any trouble like electricity cuts, water shortage, community strikes so that i have sufficient time to plan for the day ahead!

4. My fourth thanks to the maid in my office who is always more than willing to drop a water bottle at my desk so that i don't feel de-hydrated in such a humid weather of Gurgaon, God bless you my dear!

5. My fifth thanks to the traffic police standing at the junctions in such a hot & polluted environment to regulate the huge traffic flow..great job dudes!!

6. My sixth thanks to the security guards who safeguard our vehicles at night in a city where the crime rate has already touched the peaks, and give away their comfort so that we can manage to have some peace of mind!

7. My seventh thanks to our old clients who do not fail to distribute excellence awards to their ex-team after getting delayed success from the IT products we worked upon!

8. My eighth thanks to the cognitive minds who help me trace my path on the road when i see myself lost because of my poor direction sense..!

9. My ninth thanks to the great singers and lyricists whose music we relish listening while traversing long distances on the road...Your music makes the long distances look so short and enjoyable..

10. Last but never the least, my heartfelt thanks to those blog visitors of mine who surely help me maintain a mysterious smile on my face, for they keep on hitting Avant Garde so often but never wish to connect to me directly..Thanks a ton for being such a vital though silent member of my blogosphere...I surely wish to connect to them much more, for they can surely help me improve my weak areas...

.. Google, Moutain View
... VSNL, Bhubneshwar
... Reliance, Meerut
... ABTS-DSL, Bangalore
... BT-Central Plus, London
... Toyota Motors, Chula Vista
... Reliance, Dubai
... Verizon, New York
... Videotron, Quebec
... I2 tech, Dallas
... Hewitt, Lincolnshire
... NIB, Jaipur
... Google, New York
... At&t, Chicago
... At&t, LA
... ADSL, Utrecht
... Shankars Emporium, Singapore
... UPC, Vienna
... Telus, Calgary
... Comcast cable, Michigan
... University of Wisconsin
... Bharti Televentures, Bhopal
... Bsky-B, UK
... Pakistan Telecommunication, Karachi
... Qwest Communications, Illinois
... Sify limited, Calcutta
... At&t, San Francisco

I may've failed to acknowledge some more of my anonymous friends, but one thing is for sure,

We all breathe in the same air,
walk on the same earth,
share the same kind of ups and downs of life cycle,
feel the same compassion for the not so privileged souls,
work on the same 1-9 numerals, A-Z alphabets,
remain ever hooked to Google and Yahoo technologies...

and at the top of everything..

have the same heartbeat running in our hearts...
which if not consciously but surely at a sub-conscious level,
tunes to the same unique omni-present loving God..