Friday, July 01, 2011

A Time To Rejoice ...

ISRO scientist 2011 written exam were out a fortnight back and seeing a 189 all India rank only made me wonder, did the exam really go this well when i was expecting it to be good but not my best seeing a couple of silly mistakes in this time packed exam!!

Hurrah..good job..
This being my first attempt, had to take help from internet to understand the overall selection procedure. Experienced students say i should be expecting an interview call by none other than IISC and ISRO panel by mid of August..

Oh God, i just hope i am able to express knowledge of fundamentals well if not all the real-time electronics and communications applications.
Anyone who happens to read my post and has some good idea of ISRO scientist interview, please drop a comment or two.

A good senior friend of mine who recently met some ISRO scientists feels i should leave no stone unturned in the preparation; it wil surely be a wonderful experience!

Hoping for the best, i stop now!
Happy July!