Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Birds

One bird sings,
Other bird listens,

One bird eats,
Other bird cooks,

One bird meditates,
Other bird grants,

One bird dances,
Other bird's flute plays,

One bird runs,
Other bird happily follows,

One bird loves,
Other bird reciprocates,

My heart calls one bird Shree Radhe,
My heart calls other bird Shree Krishna,

May the eternal birds be served by my mind, body and heart forever!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dulhe Ka Sehra!

Marriage season is back on the cards !!
Every evening while driving back from office, i see banquet halls shouting at their fullest while blocking a lot of traffic on road.

Thank God, air and water routes are still safe from this mess..but hey my idea of today's post was not to complain of the mess because howsoever chaotic it may appear to be, these moments are surely special for the guests and ofcourse the families involved..

There are some wedding songs i cherish quite a lot; especially this one 'Dulhe Ka Sehra' by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan..
Want to feel the song:

Like always, Ustad has been at his best..the lyrics of this song are so touching, every word looks true..but then there has always been a superiority war between emotions and science..

I guess our mind should be always on..thats the only thing that never rests completely; i fear that emotions are intermittent or a better word to use 'unreliable'..whereas the intelligent and logical mind never should be programmed to always work for a goal..

But to contradict myself, i feel behind every goal is an emotion; either to overcome/outperform a past emotion or to bring new emotions inside..

Well, till this unending egg/chicken question gets a clue, i wish my mind never stops thinking n working n developing further..For the last 2-3 weeks i have been seeing my mind working in a very destructive manner; it wants to break functionality of every running module it comes across..alas the only thing wrong here is that my profile is not of a QE but of a SW developer who has been asked to finish some milestone ASAP...hehe only God can help me..!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Fortified Dream

Navy Team player i just dreamt myself as,
Good-looking, charming, confident & strong,

Wondering how my mind captured those lovely frames,
Seeing myself on board i felt like the most accomplised woman,

Saving my ship against the uncertainities of nature,
I saw a many brave hearts pining hopes in me,

With only my goal in my mind,
I sounded something i had never imagined myself as,

Some little miracle has surely entered my life,
The budding energy in me finds hard to see an end,

My well wishers say i look excited,
All set to save my ship while holding lances at all possible ends,

This is how i foresee my life to move on,
Nothing predictable i want to see coming my way,

All i now wish is a re-entry of a fearless me,
In a fortified dream, i just reclaimed my true self to be.