Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Fortified Dream

Navy Team player i just dreamt myself as,
Good-looking, charming, confident & strong,

Wondering how my mind captured those lovely frames,
Seeing myself on board i felt like the most accomplised woman,

Saving my ship against the uncertainities of nature,
I saw a many brave hearts pining hopes in me,

With only my goal in my mind,
I sounded something i had never imagined myself as,

Some little miracle has surely entered my life,
The budding energy in me finds hard to see an end,

My well wishers say i look excited,
All set to save my ship while holding lances at all possible ends,

This is how i foresee my life to move on,
Nothing predictable i want to see coming my way,

All i now wish is a re-entry of a fearless me,
In a fortified dream, i just reclaimed my true self to be.


Amita..... said...

Dear Pooja,

Yet another beautiful composition!!

Wishing you a very good luck for your goals in life!!

Happiness Always

Soulmate said...

Lady... whats the news.. I am eagerly waiting...