Saturday, December 20, 2008

What kind of Thinker are you?

Your Thinking is Abstract and Sequential

You like to do research and collect lots of information.

The more facts you have, the easier it is for you to learn.

You need to figure things out for yourself and consider all possibilities.

You tend to become an expert in the subjects that you study.

It's difficult for you to work with people who know less than you do.

You aren't a very patient teacher, and you don't like convincing people that you're right.

What kind of Shopper are you?

You Are a Reluctant Shopper

You really don't enjoy shopping. For you, it's just another chore.

You approach shopping systematically. You research what you're going to buy and come prepared with a list.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to not buy things you don't need.

You try to de-emphasize stuff in your life. You find shopping and buying things to be a rather empty experience.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In search for the Truth!

I like silence, I like peace,
I like the way my mother makes me feel!
I fear lust, i fear greed,
I fear having too many branches to swing!
I love music, i love resonating breeze,
For the magic of the soul is something i breathe in!
I 'm scared of material loss, i'm scared of death,
Wish i could take this life just like any other test!
But for one and all, i wish luck,
I wish hope & i wish strength!
I wish power to resolve contradictory goals fighting every moment within you!
I wish a peaceful relationship with every living entity around you!
I wish clarity of mind to reach the ultimate goal surrounding truth!!
The truth that does not last for a day or two,
But whose very foundation gives you every reason that defines no one else but You!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Magic is Lost ~

I fill a desire & see the music lost!
I work day & night to fill my own stomach & the act of generosity is lost!
I get attracted to colorful dresses & wonder where is the intrinsic beauty of my soul lost!
I carve a place for myself in this existing caste system & see my human values lost!
I do nothing to stop these unending constuctions & see the lush green fields getting dissolved!
I earn just for myself & see my candle of kindness running all time low!
I hear millions affected daily by floods & draught, still my indifferent attitude finds nothing in it wrong!

But when i chant the name of my Lord, I experience my senses listening to my heart!
Life is not to be lived just like that, for it's every moment is not just the result of a toss!
I ought to give much more, if i want peace and satisfaction in my each and evey task!
I need to love all living entities much much more; howsoever i may have to work hard & hard!
Only then i can understand, how great people touch each other's heart!
How a monk had no regrets selling his ferrari, as his heart always urged for a higher cause!

Hare Krishna!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

♫ Music For Soul ♫

I've been reading the holy book, "Shrimad Bhagvad Gita" for quite a while.

The spark triggered in Duesseldorf where i had a lot of time for myself.

I guess the fondness could've also developed because of my birth at a place very near to the city Kurukshetra, the place where Lord Krishna delivered the divine message to the great warrior Arjun.

Though i feel it will take my soul so many cycles of births and deaths to fully understand and apply the holy message in real life, but one of its preachings has really enlightened my mind!

It says that for a peaceful living, one should avoid indulging in sense gratification initiated by our 5 senses ( hear, see, taste, smell and touch) and perform selfless tasks which our soul enjoys to the fullest.

I am trying to figure out if i have encountered any living entity on this universe displaying such a selfless panorama!

My dear blogging friends are heartily welcome to share such experiences in their precious lives! When the mesmerizing white beauty of the moon falls on the ground and brings peace to everyone on this earth!

    When Peacock opens up its feathers at the very first drop of a rain and dances to the holy tune from the heavens!

When a father hugs his daughter whose maiden name is about to be changed and remembers all the footprints permanently embedded in his heart !

When the sea tides fall on little children while they are busy making tiny sheds on wet sand; making them feel completely new, the one like never before!

When an old mother spends her hours remembering the childhood memories of the twinkle of her eyes, her children; even when her weak eyes can't open up fully to see how they look now!

When a fighting soldier overcomes his burning fears and a sense of achievement fills him through; as if it was the final countdown of his life!

It will be really heartening to read & feel all those great events which touched my friends' lives!
Ending this post with the lyrics of a bhajan, i had been reciting quite a lot these days:.
Krishna jinka naam hai, Gokul jinka dhaam hai,
Aese Shri Bhagwan ko, mera baram bar pranam hai!!.
Radha jinki shaya hai, adbhudh jinki maya hai,
Aese Shri Bhagwan ko, mera baram bar pranam hai!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Check your EQ :

My EQ is 113

You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land hard on you.

On an average day, you're quite happy, together, and content. You live your life well.

Your emotions aren't always stable, but you can go along with the ups and downs pretty well.

You tend to be motivated, energetic, focused, and level headed.

You see the world pretty rationally, and you don't tend to over dramatize things. When things are bad, you know they eventually have to get better.

What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

Thanks dear Jungle Mom again for sharing one more interesting quiz with us!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Wish You Luck!

I wish you luck in the dew,
I wish you rainbow of love with every sunny view,
I wish you beauty to attract everyone near you,
I wish you purity to be among your Lord's favorite few,
I wish you peace to face the turbulence posed in today's terrific view,
I wish you brilliance to conquer everything that makes you feel blue,
I wish you buddies who always remain with you,
I wish you health to create vigour in everything you cherish to do,
I wish you everything, your dear ones ever wished for you,
For this "I" is none but God's Pooja, living every day as new!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

When i met my Soul!

Sometimes opportunites just come to you, without you doing any initial efforts, but yes somewhere your sub-conscious surely did a true prayer for the same!!

The same happened to me 2 weeks back, when my manager all of a sudden came to me and asked me to take some trainings, as there was a temporary crunch with trainers in the learning department!

My life was going a little monotonous with the same kind of work with mobiles, BTS, BSC, MSC in the same old laboratory..

I immediately said "YESSSSSSSSSS" as soon as i heard the word 'training'.

Later she told me that you are supposed to take some sessions for immediate college pass outs who joined Aricent recently, in varied areas of Operating Systems, alias OS!

Now there is nothing to hide, i hardly studied real hard in my college days except during my GATE entrance.......and "OS topics" was something i had heard last from my computer science hostel mates during their exam times..

Oh God, i cant recall what triggered me after that, everything else looked secondary to me..

I stopped cooking time consuming things, library became my favorite place..

I started visited the big training halls where i was supposed to deliver ..

Had a glimpse of the gang of 45 freshers whom i had to teach, later i found that they were 40 guys and 5 girls, hailing from places all over India!!

I had one more reason to be happy...I started scratching my brain for my technical blog!

In between i encountered cold, viral, hectic office hours, family meetings..but nothing could stop me!

I realized that i had found something as passionate about blogging..!!

Finally the D-day came, i was way toooooooo nervous...very much like when i had my first day in school, college, office!!

I reached the venue an hour before..)
I took some rounds inside the hall and gained all the confidence i wanted at that point of me..

Slowly trainess started pouring in!!
They were not at all punctual, i realized that i will have to be strict..

I had done lot of mind mapping before to ensure that i know what exactly i have to cover when & where without using any reading material..

I offered them to ask me as many questions as possible and trust me, they bombarded me with questions from all possible areas......

1st session went well and i was surely on cloud nine.....MY happiness knew no bounds.///////

That happpiness was surely mine....

Rest 3 sessions, i was quite cool, but i was strict, and i feel the trainees dint like it at all..

Infact in the session 4, one of them literally stood up and asked me:

"Is there any possibility of getting our trainer changed"...

God surely listened to their prayers... Their internal trainer was back from holidays and i was back to my same lab work.....

But life gave me so much in those 4 sessions..

I realized the true value of being a great academecian!!

And no wonder, today is 5th September!

I heartily want to thank all my school, college teachers & office trainers who have time to time infused so much valuable knowledge in me ...

I bow to you with all my heart.....

Thanks for your immaculate support!

Those 4 sessions made me feel as if i met my soul!!

Something that was so pure, a complete integration of body, mind and heart..something that i had yearned for in the beginning of this year..

Those moments will stay fresh in my heart forever...

They gave me the real answer to my question that why did i have to leave Duesseldorf and come back to India!!

Yes, i came back to give back to the society who gave me so much during my budding years..

Those moments were surely the best moment in my life till date... Amen!!

I am wondering what will i have to say when one fine day my parents will introduce me to my better half..)

When we'll walk hand in hand,

On that steep mountain land!

When life will have only one aim,

To give you every joy and keep on pouring the same!

When my tiny heart will be yours,

And Heaven will be right in front of our doors!

When i will not judge a soul but understand,

How the stones in this human life, take away the much needed warmth!

How elated the smiling princess will be,

When she will meet her prince charming coming on a white horse!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

हरे कृष्णा !!!!

Krishna hai jinka naam, unke charan hai mera param dham!
Madhurya ke pratimah hain Jo, baste hai mere mann mein voh!
Radha ke Naath hain yeh murli dharohar, Maa Yashoda ke shaan hain mere gokul manohar!
Jagannath jee ka rath ho, yah Ram jee ka dhanush baan ho,
Sai Nath ke neem ke kutiya ho, yah Maa Bhagwati ke bhawan ho,
Hey Keshav, meri har saans mein aapka he vaas ho!
Is duniya ke rachayita hain jo, aese Shri Bhagwan ko mera dandhwat pranam !
Govind jai Jai, Gopal Jai Jai! Radha Raman Hari Govind Jai Jai!!!

This is the link of one of my favorite bhajans by Vikram for Lord krishna, whose lyrics and meanings i have pasted below:

A a very beautiful bhajan, sung in the devotional voice of Vikram Hazra of Art of Living foundation, which was founded and formed by Sri Sri Ravinshankar, lovingly and gratefully called as Guruji (One who leads to light), incidentally i remember a quote that had slept through His mouth, from where wisdom flows with the grace and ease, as the waters of the rivers flow.

The quote is, as i remember, 'I am not leading you, I am behind you and pushing you (towards light or consciousness or God or knowledge or whatever one may want to call it.)' For more such pearls of wisdom one might visit Daily Sutras, where one can find short quotes with significant and deep knowledge that can change one's life radically if one ponders only on few of those. These shortest of expressions with the profoundest meanings can are available in different languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Portuguese and Marathi.

Another one which had made an impact on me and sounds so meaningful is that the God is seen and perceived as the father or the loving Mother, if one can see God as child. When the spiritual journey starts, God has to be taken care of as a pregnant mother takes care of her child. Most attention is on the child and everything else is of less importance, which dominated until now, or else the child might be lost. Similarly once the spiritual journey starts if utmost care is not taken and attention start gathering on else, there is a danger of losing the greatest.

This bhajan has some great Sutra within the lyrics of this devotional song, one of the favorite of Vikram Bhaiya as i have herd in most Art of Living Satsangs.

This bhajan points to us that we need the devotion and love like Mira, faith, patience and love like Sabri, immense unconditional love of Gopis, or a love of a Mother (Yashodaji) that can make the God listen and respond instantly.

Below are the lyrics or words or text of the Bhajan

* Achyutam Keshwam, Krishna Damodaram
Ram Narayanam, Janaki Valabham,

Kaun kehate hai Bhagwan atte nahi
tum Meera ke jaisi bulate nahi


Kaun kehate hai Bhagwan khate nahi
Ber Sabri ke jaisi kilate nahi


Kaun kehate hai Bhagwan sote nahi
maa Yashoda ke jaisi sulate nahi


Kaun kehate hai Bhagwan nachte nahi
gopiyonki tara tum nachate nahi


Achyutam Keshwam, Krishna Damodaram
Ram Narayanam, Janaki Valabham,

Hare KRISHNA!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

..# The Illusions of my mind ..^ ''

My sketch looks so dark,
Have i lost the love for my art ?
My big eyes appear so empty,
Have i become so indifferent to the sufferings of this humanity ?
My mind sounds so dull,
Is no science bright enough to lit my skull ?
My tongue weighs not even a pound,
Is no syllable powerful enough to produce something that sounds ?
My toes can trace no path,
Have i forgotten all my goals that urge me to move far & far ?
Still my hands like a puppet shake to an fro,
When will the ball of desires stop rolling in these unending rows ?
Oh Divine, give me the essence of life...
Let me take a step to end everyone's miseries in this human tie !
For my soul when connected to yours,
Finds no charm in the unpredictable breaths that each life throws..
Oh Holy God, i submit me to you!
For my wheel of life be guided by no one else but you!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding!

सावन का महीना, पवन करे शोर,
जीया रे झूमे ऐसे, जेसे वन मा नाचे मोर !!!!!!!!!

Last weekend i was in a paradise known as the City Beautiful, to attend one of the most beautiful events of my life....
My college times best buddy, Shailly's wedding.....!

It was so refreshing meeting college time buddies after 5 years, walking on the wide roads, passing by the markets, cinema halls, buildings that defined our 4 years of the college...

Most of my buddies were surprised to see the same smiling Pooja, absolutely no change in her behavior except the fact that she had shed so many pounds!!

Let me share a link first for my friends who wish to know more about Indian weddings:

The Himachal beauties had cast a magic spell everywhere, not just by their mesmerizing looks but also by their extremely hospitable attitude!

Seeing Shailly, it looked as if the Heavens had come down on earth to bless those auspicious moments...

It was heartening to visit a complete Indian wedding after almost an year, something that i had been longing for ever since i had left for Germany!

I looked so excited at all the ceremonies, the Jaymala and Agni-Phera ceremonies really touched my heart..

I will always remember those joyous moments i spent with dear Aunty, (Bride's mother); the moments that made me realize how special a daughter means to her mother.. How in her daughter's happiness she finds all the happiness of the heaven....!

Though i missed her Sangeet ceremony because of leave crunch at my end, i have written a song for those moments whose lyrics i want to share with everyone!

I am sure God will give me many chances to sing this song at many of my dear ones' weddings:

Banno re, Banno re, Pyari se Banno re,
Mummy ke Banno re, Papa ke Banno re!

Dadi ke banno re, Nani ke banno re,
Didi ke banno re, Bhaiya ke banno re!

Mausi ke banno re, chachu ke banno re,
Rishta hai atut yeh, Maa ka sapna sach hua banno re!

Tu hai Hamari re, Hum hai Tumhare re,
Teri rach gayee mehndi banno re, khanki chuddi banno re!

Jab aaye mere ghar, thee nanahi pari yeh banno re,
Ab jaayegi ghar se, dholi mein bethi sayani yeh banno re!

Sajh dhaj ke ghar se jayegi yeh banno re,
Sabse pyaar payegi meri bholi se banno re!

Piya ghar sajayegi ab yeh banno re,
Apne Papa ko bada yaad aayegi, pardesh ja rahi jo yeh banno re!

Mera mamta ke aanchal tujhe jab pukare yeh banno re,
Daudi chali aayegi yeh banno re!

Naye ghar mein naye rishte nibhayegi yeh banno re,
Apne Dil mein pyar ke deep hamesha jalayegi yeh banno re!

Banno re, Banno re,.. Ladho meri banno re!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thank You Strangers!!

I was browsing through my thoughts one day when i realized that my blog has beautifully utilized the free server space on by trying my best in thanking my dear family members and loving friends for showering their unending mercy on me...

But there are some other great souls in my life whom i've badly failed to thank even once for being so considerate to me while brightening my days without asking for anything in return..!

This post of mine is exclusively dedicated to those strangers who have touched my soul in so many different ways. i may not be able to recall all but my heart surely owes a lot to them'''

1. My first thanks to the young boy working at the grocery store who delivers me mineral water container at my doorstep at the blink of a phone call..Thank you so much Mr. ...wish i had asked your name earlier..(

2. My second thanks to the PC expert in the office who always responds to my request whenever my office PC starts troubling in the middle of all deadlines.. My satisfactory office ratings would not have been possible without your timely help!

3. My third thanks to my landlady who keeps on pinging me whenever she foresees any trouble like electricity cuts, water shortage, community strikes so that i have sufficient time to plan for the day ahead!

4. My fourth thanks to the maid in my office who is always more than willing to drop a water bottle at my desk so that i don't feel de-hydrated in such a humid weather of Gurgaon, God bless you my dear!

5. My fifth thanks to the traffic police standing at the junctions in such a hot & polluted environment to regulate the huge traffic flow..great job dudes!!

6. My sixth thanks to the security guards who safeguard our vehicles at night in a city where the crime rate has already touched the peaks, and give away their comfort so that we can manage to have some peace of mind!

7. My seventh thanks to our old clients who do not fail to distribute excellence awards to their ex-team after getting delayed success from the IT products we worked upon!

8. My eighth thanks to the cognitive minds who help me trace my path on the road when i see myself lost because of my poor direction sense..!

9. My ninth thanks to the great singers and lyricists whose music we relish listening while traversing long distances on the road...Your music makes the long distances look so short and enjoyable..

10. Last but never the least, my heartfelt thanks to those blog visitors of mine who surely help me maintain a mysterious smile on my face, for they keep on hitting Avant Garde so often but never wish to connect to me directly..Thanks a ton for being such a vital though silent member of my blogosphere...I surely wish to connect to them much more, for they can surely help me improve my weak areas...

.. Google, Moutain View
... VSNL, Bhubneshwar
... Reliance, Meerut
... ABTS-DSL, Bangalore
... BT-Central Plus, London
... Toyota Motors, Chula Vista
... Reliance, Dubai
... Verizon, New York
... Videotron, Quebec
... I2 tech, Dallas
... Hewitt, Lincolnshire
... NIB, Jaipur
... Google, New York
... At&t, Chicago
... At&t, LA
... ADSL, Utrecht
... Shankars Emporium, Singapore
... UPC, Vienna
... Telus, Calgary
... Comcast cable, Michigan
... University of Wisconsin
... Bharti Televentures, Bhopal
... Bsky-B, UK
... Pakistan Telecommunication, Karachi
... Qwest Communications, Illinois
... Sify limited, Calcutta
... At&t, San Francisco

I may've failed to acknowledge some more of my anonymous friends, but one thing is for sure,

We all breathe in the same air,
walk on the same earth,
share the same kind of ups and downs of life cycle,
feel the same compassion for the not so privileged souls,
work on the same 1-9 numerals, A-Z alphabets,
remain ever hooked to Google and Yahoo technologies...

and at the top of everything..

have the same heartbeat running in our hearts...
which if not consciously but surely at a sub-conscious level,
tunes to the same unique omni-present loving God..

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Amita!!!

One fine day i heard a voice,

My angel's birthday was coming from all sides...

I packed my bags, was all set to leave for my friends house..

I cried in excitement, my joy knew no bounds...

I stumbled on the way, bruised my feet..

Thought of taking a nap on the soft grass of wheat...

I got up late..was shocked to see i missed the train..

But my heart was heart still vibrated the same..

With all my mind, i found an easy way to her house..

I prayed to God and pressed the mercy bell in the church town..

Oh God i realized something great..

I missed the gift at the place i slept..

I cried till my tears found no place to go..

Walking fast, there I saw my friend on the door..

She was in a frock dressed in shades of purple and blue,

She kissed me and invited me to her venue so loving and pure..

We cut the cake and sang the bday song..

We danced till 1 at night and shared all that needed to be told..

She showed me her pics,

she looked awesome whatever she tried..

She sprinked in a magic so fragrant and dear,

I thought for a moment was that magic s a symbol of my love for her..

I knew it was time to confess,

With despair on my lips, i started pouring out my fear:

Amy Dear, i have something to say,

I had brought a gift for you, which i lost on the way..

I should have wished you 3 days back,

But i stumbled so many times on my way..

Wish i could cut my heart and show..

Forever in my heart, I cherish your love ..

You are my sweetest angel this life could ever give to me,

I adore this friendship very much like i adore God..

Please be my friend howsoever forgetful & bad i might be..

For you are one of the beautiful souls, i always wish to be connected with..

Amy cried in pain and wiped off my tears..

She embraced me with all her love and told me the truth..

"You are my rose, just like I am yours..

Our heart chords have a connection, forever strengthened by love and hope..!

This friendship started centuries back,.. gonna stay for many more years to come,

Live every moment that God gave & believe in the magic of frdship as long as you live.."

Hearing such sweet words from Amy’s mouth..

I was relieved and opened my eyes....

There I saw, it was time to leave for the office..

Amy Dear, I wished you Happy Bday in my dreams..

Hope you have moments ahead full of life..

May God bless you this year everything you have wished and worked for..!!!

Belated Happy Birthday my Amy!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Great Expectations

In my childhood days, i had seen a lot of smiles getting exchanged over the figure 101.
A hundred rupee note clubbed with a 1 rupee coin, wrapped in a beautiful envelope with Lord Ganesh in the background, was considered a perfect gift item during weddings, birth ceremonies, anniversaries, visit at grandparents' place!!

Last Sunday, i happened to come across one of my childhood favorite novel, "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens, compiled in easy language by S.E. Paces.

Guess, what used to be the price of the book say 1.5 decades back ..INR 6..) I've always believed this to be the Dicken's best creations.. I liked the way he invented so many characters especially the terrifying and later benevolent convict, how Pip was initially attracted to flamboyant characters, how his deprived childhood made him feel thirsty for love & care from the surroundings..

When i used to read these short stories, i had absolutely no idea that in times to come writing would be one of my favorite pastimes..Today, when i heartily post my 101 post on my blog, i find no words to thank my dear blogging friends for their immense love and support..I used to be a weak student in Geography..( i was better in History..) but my stat counter tool has helped me remember the flags of so many countries, which make me proudly feel that i value this passion of mine quite a lot!!

Because of my father's transferable job, i have been through many a schools, mainly DAVs who teach their kids not to believe in idol worship..Contrastingly, i've been born in a very religious family, infact we've a mini temple in our home..In my childhood days, i had a tough time understanding what to follow, the realization that God is one and puerile devotion towards any is the key came quite late to me!!

Today i am such an ardent devotee of Lordess Saraswati, that almost everything i do from reciting a prayer before driving to praying before publishing a post i recite a shloka, the English translation of the same i've given below:

"May Goddess Saraswati, who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon, and whose pure white garland is like frosty dew drops; who is adorned in radiant white attire, on whose beautiful arm rests the veena, and whose throne is a white lotus; who is surrounded and respected by the Gods, protect me. May you fully remove my lethargy, sluggishness, and ignorance."

In this blogging journey of mine, i faced many a stumbling blocks, i dreamt big & beautiful, i screamed out lot when things dint work well, love & hatred co-existed in my mind, i smiled, i cried, i thought that i moved up and then again moved down, i loved this world...

I re-gained my confidence, i rolled down the ravine, i walked, i learnt how to walk better till i died.. i re-collected my breath..walked some steps further until i again died.....this went on until i realized that the real way of dealing with life is to live its every moment..come what may!!

After the realization, i prayed, i tired my best but still filled myself with emotions of envy and pride, i cursed myself for feeling jealous of people in a position better than mine..

I tried to copy the way of life from everyone who passed by my side, until i realized that everyone is born to be unique, i can never be comfortable in any other's shoes,..for only i can design what my mind likes..!

For life is not what we think of it,
Life is what we make it gradually..!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

~ Thoughts To Remember ~

One of my college batchmates, recently attended a thought enhancement program.

He shared with me some great thoughts, whch i would like to share further!
I spent quality time pondering over each of these thoughts and experienced a lot of peace inside!!

1. Learn how to laugh at yourself.Being cool doesn't mean being perfect. People will only respect you for it.
2. How to grow a friendship? Pick a clean heart, plant in a pot of trust, water with good thoughts, add some faith, remove the misunderstanding & nourish with care!
3. Accept who you are! Every human being is different.
4. Your mind is tired because of its quest for desire after desire. What you achieve does not give you rest but creates more desires.
5. Team work simply states that it is Less 'ME' and More 'WE'.
6. Believe in yourself, never stop having faith in yourself or your vision, even if others tell you that you are crazy.
7. Understand that just as money can't buy happiness, a lack of it can't take happiness away.
8. Be positive. Avoid self-pity. Never allow others to make you feel inferior, they can only do so if you let them.
9. Always be positive.When you hear yourself saying 'you can not' , your mind will be conditioned in the same way.
10. To bear what is uncomfortable is discipline. To be able to bear and move through what is uncomfortable, you need a discipline.
11. Do anything 100%; that will free you.
12. You clean your windows, you clean your table, you wash your clothes, but you forget to wash your mind.
13. Have some time for yourself. You may be busy with a lot of friends and activities but make sure you still have time to be alone and reflect.
14. Place tomorrow's top priority task at the center of your desk before you leave work today. You'll start your day focused.
15. If you are loving, you are welcomed everywhere. if you can feel & be one with people anywhere you go, people are ready to do anything.
16. The best Puja- the best form of worship, is to be happy, to be grateful.
17. Your first and foremost commitment in life is to be with the Truth, to evolve in Truth. Give your best shot every time and be happy always..
18. Always maintain your integrity.A dishonest person has no chance of having true friends.
19. Keep your promises, do what you say you are going to do and most importantly, do not lie! Lying leads to more lying and you eventually will be found out.
20. Becoming a millionaire means learning to value passion and ideas, where others only value degrees and job titles.
21. Spiritual Blossoming simply means being happy in all dimensions with yourself and with everything around you.
22. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
23. Hang around with positive people who are actually aware of things you do and care what you have done.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Care for You!

My company, Aricent recently organised an employment survey, which was outsourced to the Gallup consulting company.

The best part about this survey was the way steps were taken to enhance the current scenario, which highly encouraged employee participation at every step.

Action items were given to the dissatisfed workers rather than their managers..)

I owed the responsibilty of coming up with a questionaire, which would help in figuring out how much our company cares for us and vice versa.

Please have a look at the questionaire framed by me, suggestions from my dear blogging friends are more than welcome!!!

Performance Rating Index:
1: Completely Agree 2: Agree 3: Neutral 4: Disagree 5: Completely Disagree

a) My workplace cares for me:


Immediate help is provided in case of improper and unsafe PC/LAN wiring connections.

I experience value for money while consuming the food supplied in the cafeteria.

House-keeping services are adequately available over the working weekend, without any botheration at the employee’s end.

Enough recreation opportunities are provided after the project completion.

My visitors are treated nicely within the allowed office premises.

No forceful donations are deducted from my salary, in case I am unable to contribute for an employee in an urgent monetary need.

The ATM services for all the leading banks are evenly spread across all the company premises, also there is sufficient cash to withdraw at any point of time.

There is a separate smoking zone for smokers and action is taken against defaulters, also proper measures are taken to prevent fire breakage.

Proper lighting arrangements and temperature control services are provided on a regular basis.

In case of an unforeseen emergency, my team mates are ready to provide me immediate possible help and empathize with me till the situation is back to normal.

b) I care for my workplace:

I actively participate in the company wide surveys.

I ensure that I take only the desired quantity of food in my plate in the cafeteria with the least possible leftovers.

I try my best to create a friendly environment for the new joinee in my team.

I understand that the cab services are solely for the official use, not to be misused for non-official commuting purposes.

I shut down my PC over the non-working weekend to contribute towards having less electricity cuts.

I actively participate in the social events like blood donation camps, aimed at fulfilling social obligations of the company towards the society.

I understand that the internet usage is mainly aimed at providing project related help and should not be misused beyond the agreed company-wide limit.

I understand that timesheets should be regularly submitted as they are directly linked to the project’s financial and performance statistics.

I follow the proper code of conduct while dealing with Aricent employees like my project members, security personal, bus drivers and cafeteria staff.

In case of change of work-place, I ensure that I inform/handover the drawer keys/lab access
cards to the plot secretary, and do not leave any personal belongings.

Would love to hear some more points from my blogging friends..

Hope they are able to correlate their situation with some instances quoted here !!

Happiness Index..)

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Your life is totally together, and you enjoy every day.

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You know how to find pleasure in the little things...

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Well i have reasons to be forever happy..

God gifted me an onsite last year, whose memories will stay fresh in my heart forever..

2007 was my best year, i met some wonderful souls..I realized that i can do much better than my current state..
.Not sure if my happy state can be expressed in words..

Thanks dear Jungle Mom, for sharing this interesting quiz!!