Friday, October 24, 2008

The Magic is Lost ~

I fill a desire & see the music lost!
I work day & night to fill my own stomach & the act of generosity is lost!
I get attracted to colorful dresses & wonder where is the intrinsic beauty of my soul lost!
I carve a place for myself in this existing caste system & see my human values lost!
I do nothing to stop these unending constuctions & see the lush green fields getting dissolved!
I earn just for myself & see my candle of kindness running all time low!
I hear millions affected daily by floods & draught, still my indifferent attitude finds nothing in it wrong!

But when i chant the name of my Lord, I experience my senses listening to my heart!
Life is not to be lived just like that, for it's every moment is not just the result of a toss!
I ought to give much more, if i want peace and satisfaction in my each and evey task!
I need to love all living entities much much more; howsoever i may have to work hard & hard!
Only then i can understand, how great people touch each other's heart!
How a monk had no regrets selling his ferrari, as his heart always urged for a higher cause!

Hare Krishna!!


Anonymous said...

Such an awakening message in your blog my dear. I agree living our lives all of us become so ignorant that genuineness takes a back seat. But the satisfaction that one gets by even a small act of kindness is beyond words.
- Neera

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks for such kind words my sister!

Such a pleasant surprise seeing you visiting my blog after so long!

Hare Krishna!

Sara said...

Hi Pooja,visting yout blog after a long going all spiritual!!Great thoughts.

Jas said...

when i started reading the post i thought that maybe you were going through a rough patch, but the way you linked it in end to THE truth, it was awakening.

Great post!

Miles Waiting said...

Hey Pilot...
I really liked the thought of it... may be because I was able to identify with some of it...
this is real true that most of us at some point in time question ourselves the same set...Who am I? What am I doing here? Where should I be? What am I doing?
There's no straight answer to these... we try and put some pieces something sometime...
At times we go to India-Gate with candle in our times we contribute a small sum to some NGO.. at times we go out collect clothes for times we write blogs about terrorism, poverty, beggars...
Everything counts!!! and the act of it make us understand ourselves... make us different.
You would love to see what some of my friends did:
hats off to them...
Here in India we have a lot of what needs to be helped... few good men like you can make a never let this thought die... I see that flame in you...let it burn.

Looks like you celebrated you bithday sometime around... your profile shows a change in ur age..."Happy belated B'day" only if I got it right :)

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks everyone, relly sorry not able to visit my friends blogs since long!!

Just waiting to get a little free from office work!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks for your motivating words friend!
I too wish to read frds' posts and have one of mine published soon!

Amita..... said...

Hey Pooja!

Its so very true.. agree that we all have wrapped our lives in selfish motives: ((

but, we can always try to help out others in small steps :)

And....... when is new post coming???????/

Miss you!!


Jas said...

Anybody home? :)
Come back to the world of blogging!

Mukul said...

hi pooja,
long time, no post ? Whatz up? I am waiting

Pilot-Pooja said...

So sorry friends!
Life after coming bas\ck to India is really busy, primarily with loads of office work!

Really want to visit your blog posts too!