Thursday, October 02, 2008

♫ Music For Soul ♫

I've been reading the holy book, "Shrimad Bhagvad Gita" for quite a while.

The spark triggered in Duesseldorf where i had a lot of time for myself.

I guess the fondness could've also developed because of my birth at a place very near to the city Kurukshetra, the place where Lord Krishna delivered the divine message to the great warrior Arjun.

Though i feel it will take my soul so many cycles of births and deaths to fully understand and apply the holy message in real life, but one of its preachings has really enlightened my mind!

It says that for a peaceful living, one should avoid indulging in sense gratification initiated by our 5 senses ( hear, see, taste, smell and touch) and perform selfless tasks which our soul enjoys to the fullest.

I am trying to figure out if i have encountered any living entity on this universe displaying such a selfless panorama!

My dear blogging friends are heartily welcome to share such experiences in their precious lives! When the mesmerizing white beauty of the moon falls on the ground and brings peace to everyone on this earth!

    When Peacock opens up its feathers at the very first drop of a rain and dances to the holy tune from the heavens!

When a father hugs his daughter whose maiden name is about to be changed and remembers all the footprints permanently embedded in his heart !

When the sea tides fall on little children while they are busy making tiny sheds on wet sand; making them feel completely new, the one like never before!

When an old mother spends her hours remembering the childhood memories of the twinkle of her eyes, her children; even when her weak eyes can't open up fully to see how they look now!

When a fighting soldier overcomes his burning fears and a sense of achievement fills him through; as if it was the final countdown of his life!

It will be really heartening to read & feel all those great events which touched my friends' lives!
Ending this post with the lyrics of a bhajan, i had been reciting quite a lot these days:.
Krishna jinka naam hai, Gokul jinka dhaam hai,
Aese Shri Bhagwan ko, mera baram bar pranam hai!!.
Radha jinki shaya hai, adbhudh jinki maya hai,
Aese Shri Bhagwan ko, mera baram bar pranam hai!!


Amita..... said...

Yes Pooju, the act done with selfless attitude definitely gifts you the true happiness! However, in today's world I am not sure how practical it is to do... But, yes, one can be selfless when it comes to the loved ones.....

dheeraj said...

Great thoughts,indeed !

Mukul said...

Pooja sorry...this one is a real bouncer for me...I guess i need to be a little spiritual to understand

Bhaiyyu said...

came to your blog after a long time,noted that 19k+ visits have been made to it :) well deserved!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks a lot Dheeraj!
Such serious posts are tough to be understood!

It would be really nice to have your website link shared with us too!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Mukul, i really appreciate your efforts!
Reading something our mind does not agree with, is really tough to do!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks Varun!

Happy to see you back on blogger!

I wish you the best of life & great work while you work with your cherished company!!

Dheeraj said...

Hey !
My blog link is

Anjali Damerla said...

Hi Pooja,
How are you? Long time..
Visiting your blog after a long time. Just gout busy with life :)


Ankur said...

Hey, a never thought a s/w engineer can be so spritual types ...gud to see ...

Ankur said...

Hey, a never thought a s/w engineer can be so spritual types ...gud to see ...

Pilot-Pooja said...

Hi Anjali!

So nice to hear from you, life keeps us so busy, but always a pleasure to hear from you!!


Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks Ankur!

I read your thought provoking financial updates; a lot of effort put by you again!!


Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks Dheeraj for sharing your web site!

It reflects a lot about your mind wave pattern!

Gladiator happens to be one of my fav movies too!