Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Sunset Test

You Crave a Remarkable Life

Your dream is to live an interesting, challenging, surprising life. You want to change and grow.

You believe life is short, and there's more to see and learn than you could ever imagine.

You don't want to waste time or be stagnant. If you feel bored, then it's probably time to get moving.

You want to live a life full of people, places, ideas, and experiences. You desire many amazing memories.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

$ The Ecstasy of Lotus $

You are benign, you are true,
Untouched by the impurity, pure ideas symbolize you,
Seeing life beyond the obvious, you amaze the worldly queue,
Emerging from the muddy swamp, many possiblilites are created by you !

The mighty Lords dwell on you,
Dancers heartily admire delicacy in you,
Lovebirds wish to be as loyal as you,
Painters see various shades of love and serenity in you!

The sun's rays bring spirituality in you,
Rain drops rush to collate in you,
Muddy soil encircles striking contrast with you,
Fragrant air waves to and fro around you!

With all great thoughts, i pay obesiance to you,
A perfect epitome of beauty and purity, is none but you,

Let this moment be the one when i can reveal my heart to you,
Oh dear Lotus, i wish i was just like you!