Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10,000 Hits: Thank you my blog visitors!

My blog hit count has recently crossed 10,000..
Thank you my dear friends for all your precious support!!

Good to share Harsha Bhogle’s quote here:
“ Success is about how much you are willing to do when you don’t have a reward in mind.”

I was listening to one of my favorite's : Robbie William's "She is the one"..
(last song in my playlist, for those who wld love to hear this song ..)
It's video depicts the magical understanding between 2 entities, marvelously complementing each other on the skating ground:

Watching this video made me wonder, what really led to the rise of feminism or male chauvinism?

I guess these are real complex topics, and nobody till date has been able to solve these puzzles successfully..Let me give it a try :-P

I guess our sub-conscious tries to solve a complex equation:

x (EVEN traits) + iy (ODD traits) = COMPATIBILTY

where x and y represent the degree of resemblance and contrast we look for in the other person.. "i" points to the iota in mathematics ( square root of -1, remember), returning a complex set of solutions most of the times !!

Infact, you take any mathematical calculation, not so tough to figure out smthing meaningful:

35 * 8 = 280

Number 3 had a strong affinity for 5, leading to a resultant 35..
Here x is : both numbers odd factor..
and y is the mutually exclusive family of 3 and 5.
In the family of 3 - every number should sum up as a multiple of 3,
and in the family of 5- every number should end with 5.

Since 3 had more affinity for 5, leading to a number 35 which is still in the family of 5 and not in the family of 3..

In this game of numbers, every number has to shed its traits sooner or we see that 3 has now shed its family trait and almost out of the game..

Now the number 8 makes entry..

Since 35 has a great odd power, 8 ( which happens to be a 3rd descendent of 2's family, has great affinity to the odd combination of 3 and 5)..
This time 5 has to lose its trait...leading to a resultant 280, where 8 still maintains its traits,
5 is completely dissolved.. and 2 more entities come up, 2 and 10/2 = 5..

Actually every number has a certain form of 2 and's disappearance often leads to appearance of other..

The resultant will again have a strong attraction to any number in 3's family..say 9

280 * 9 = 2520..

Thus 3 has made a re-entry in the form of the sum of digits..
but since 8 has to go away this time..
we have both 2 and 5, along with their product 10 in the new digit...

P.S. \\\/// This was just an inventive thinking from my side to solve the unsolvable


No baits for my murder please...probably Russell's Beautiful Mind is still running high through my mind!

Hope to be more logical next time: XD



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Country Roads..Take me Home ..!

Country Roads…Take me Home, To the place.. i be-long….~`~~`~
West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Take me home.., Country Roads.!

I’ve been merrily singing n listening to John Denver’s Country Roads these days in every possible hook and corner of this foreign land…

Everywhere I go, I see myself smiling n blushing..
Why……………..Because I am going HOME on a short vacation…………….Hurrah…Almost after an year……

Quoting one snippet from poet Surdas Bhajans:

Bhor Bhaiyo gaiyan ke paache,
Tune madhuban mohae pathayo,
Char prahar panchi van bhatkyon,
Saanjh pare mein ghar aayo,
Re Maiya Mori, mein kab Maakhan khayo ..

Thankfully I’ll get a break from cooking…but the good part is that my sub-conscious has started appreciating my mother’s efforts, rather I shd say real big sacrifices for her family..

If today say even a brilliant guy who has surely taken my heart away, asks me if I’ll be able to embrace home-making at the cost of my career, my dreams, my aspirations.. it’ll be almost impossible for me to say yes…Hats off to the great ladies who have such a magnanimous heart..probably they’re the ones who lay foundations to the making of human idols..!

Coming back, i’ve really put in a lot of effort in getting my leaves approved, booking my tickets, making checklists and the worst of all….filling these annual performance appraisal reports.
I haven’t given my best this I should’ nt be expecting the best..But who is the culprit..
Yes…this blogging passion of mine really distracts me a lot..

Sometimes i feel as if i have entered a wrong profession..By Jun` 08, I’ll be finishing 5 years in this professional world..And I really don’t think that i’ve become a master of anything..probably a jack of too many trades..(

At times I really wonder, why do i get so much of luv n acknowledgment in this exquisite blogosphere..?

My vision is so hollow & limited, still my friends never want to judge me..

I sometimes don’t get time to deliver quality posts, but my friends rather than ignoring those somewhat incomplete thoughts, encourage me to keep pouring in whenever possible..

I’ve been terribly throwing a lot many phrases with syntactic errors, still my friends accept me exactly the way I am ..!

I guess if you have the courage to start with the fundamentals and move steadily on the track come what may..then half the path is already covered..
The other half can be easily discovered if the trekker develops the audacity to positively face the criticism and move ahead..//

One of my dearest friends Amita, very beautifully knitted a poem recently- in an attempt to explain the reasons why our heart craves to blog:

I too framed a draft on the eve of the Valentine’s Day, but hardly got time to re- structure it..
Here i go:

A dear friend of mine,
waits for her valentine..
Dressed in shades of wine,
looks rejuvenating with each smile ..

Daily in front of the mirror glancing,
cogitates to whom her heart’s talking ?
With commotions leaving her mind whirling,
wonders if her lifeline’s listening??

Hope her dreams someday turn bright,
for she reflects none but my own heart,
Seeking mystical love in a stunning twilight,
to be with her beloved at every moment of her life ..!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Fun Time

A very Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Hope the sweet magic of this special day keeps running high for centuries to follow..

This time I’m trying to comprehend my blog readers by presenting an interesting an attempt to know their likes in the opposite gender..Let’s give this survey a name..
Ok sounding smthing like MTV’s opinion poll:

Welcome to my “Youth Icon Survey”..

Since Valentine’s Day falls on 14th, when 2 individual entities luv to call themselves as one, let’s try to figure out who’re the 7 most liked icons in our mind..

Feel free to take any names..even if they’re the ones not known to others..
But preferably in the opposite gender..
This’ll help maintain the charm of the Valentine’s Day !!

To elucidate my poll further, I’ll start with my top 7 favorite icons, along with a concise description, to help others know what I like in them.

I sincerely request everyone not to give any anonymous comments, as half the glamour is already lost when readers don’t get to know who this interesting personality is..!

1. Russell Crowe:

My first vote goes to our unbeatable Oscar winner, Russell Crowe..There can be no doubts about his caliber or commitment..
His breathtaking performances in “Gladiator” and “A Beautiful Mind” have taken my heart away..!
His movies exhibit so much of the complex jargon going inside his mind to titillate anyone.

2. Richard Quest:

My second vote goes for CNN anchor, Richard Quest for his undeniable narrative vigor.
He makes every news sound so fascinating to our ears, be it the US elections or some business travel details.
Catch him on his blog, and I’m sure you won’t be able to visit it just once.!

3. Harsha Bhogle:

My third vote goes to the excellent product of India’s IIMA, Harsha Bhogle.
His outstanding commentary was one of the reasons I started watching cricket.
I’ve also been influenced by his columns in the Indian Express.
When asked about his keys to success, he believes that it is important to surround yourself with people who’re better than you.

4. Will Smith:

At the 4th place, I’ve our Hollywood’s charismatic & eclectic hero, Will Smith.
The “Date-Doctor” was at the best of his humor in “Hitch”.

After seeing his “Pursuit of Happyness”, I was left speechless..
He has surely reached the zenith of his career..

5. Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

My fifth vote goes to the famous neurosurgeon and CNN journalist Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Surprisingly, liking is also governed by the fact that he was born in India and we share a common surname..).
The way a man of medicine has made his mark on the television is really astonishing.
How heartily he helped 5-year old “Yossif” recover from severe burn injuries, was very touching..

6. Stephan Sacker:

My sixth vote goes to the BBC’s HARDtalk anchor Stephen Sacker.
I find it too difficult to switch channels when he’s around ..)
I like the strategy with which he attacks the other person to spill out the truth..
The amazing part is that the interviewee does not really feel offended with his mixed dose of appreciative n pugnacious attitude.!

7. Roger Federer:

At the 7th place, I’ve our tennis champ Roger Federer.
We share the same birth year, and probably nothing else.!
I lke the way he pursues his passion so madly, and how this Swiss man has top-seeded the old tennis big champs..

Quoting his words:
"With all the success I've had over the last few years now, it's really become no problem for me to handle it, and actually understand why I've lost, and sort of explain it to myself and then move on."

Well, my list has come to an end..Now it’s time for my dear blog readers to express their likes..Please don’t be a silent reader this time..I too have a desire to know my dear blogging friends just like you get to know me ~

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Rose Day!

Roses sparkle in beauty n pain, so does the enduring soul,
Roses are blind to human faults, much like our forgiving soul,
Roses stay for a lifetime, akin to the memories of our soul,
Roses gleam pure with red, like the blood stream in our soul,
Roses bring solace to all, crystal pure for every reverberating soul..

A shining rose infuses in us love,
Guiding we selfish to detach it from the source,
Mysterious is our love forcing it to separate,
Just like its farewell, again leading to another form of love,
For the crushed rose still loves us more,
Imparting us the spirit to forgive & adore even more..

For fragile may be the heart of a rose,
But sweeter is the love stored in each petal of rose..!

% Fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose %