Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~HaPpY BiRthDaY MoM~

Millions of red roses just for my Mom,
Millions of choicest prayers just for my Mom,

Millions of hugs just for my Mom,
Millions of loveliest moments recalled just with my Mom,

My heart feels the best thinking of you Mom,
On Your Bday let my noblest salute be to your Mom,

Life's unpredictable as we often say,
But Mom's golden heart beats with every Sun's ray

As Moon's silver light soothes every petal of the swaying tree,
Mom's wishes for her kinder spark all her burning endeavour glee

Mom defines love,
Mom defines struggle happily faced over a lifetime,

Mom symbolizes a gift often underestimated during the passage of time,
Mom symbolizes beauty from which the optimistic attitude runs life

Mom may you live a billion happy summer,
The roots of love discovering new places to cover

Like sorrow and joy play hide and seek,
May your holy prayers prosper every autumn and spring

In every deed of mine, may i bring glory to you,
The glory that reflects unending affection showerd uncountable times on me by you!

!!HaPpY BiRtHdAy MoM!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Give Me Sunshine..

Give me some Sunshine,

Give me some Rain,

Give me a chance to grow up once again!

These few lines i remember running on 104 FM last evening while driving back from office!

Needless to say, Edward's thoughts collated in his 2 books (Simplicity and Six thinking Hats) give me lot of clues to get myself close to the refreshing sunshine i always wish to be in!!

Today i have something new for Edward's lovers; guess the sequel to simplicity may take a little more time as the concepts are getting little more complicated as i am trying to grasp more of it slowly and steadily..

Today i have for my blogging friends the summary of Yellow thinking hat:

Yellow hat thinking is positive and constructive. The yellow color symbolizes sunshine, brightness and optimism.

Yellow hat thinking is concerned with positive assessment, just as black hat thinking is concerned with negative assessment.

Yellow hat thinking covers a positive spectrum ranging from the logical and practical at one end to dreams, visions and hopes at the other end.

Yellow hat thinking probes and explores for value and benefit.Yellow hat thinking then strives to find logical support for this value and benefit.Yellow hat thinking seeks to put forward soundly based optimism but it is not restricted to this - provided other types of optimism are appropriatley labelled.

Yellow hat thinking is constructive and generative.From yellow hat thinking come concrete proposals and suggestions.Yellow hat thinking is concerned with operacy and with making things happen.Effectiveness is the aim of yellow hat constructive thinking.

Yellow hat thinking can be speculative and opportunity seeking.Yellow hat thinking also permits visions and dreams.

Yellow hat thinking is not concerned with mere positive euphoria (red hat) nor directly with creating new ideas (green hat).

Well, today has just begun..let me try to put on Edward's yellow hat for the remaining 19 hours and feel some soothing sunshine in this cold winter for a day.

Give me sunshine..

Give me some rain..

Give me a chance to grow up once again!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009


I am reading 'Simplicity' by Edward De Bono these days.

Prologue of the book states Dr. Bono as the originator of the lateral thinking concept who also developed formal techniques for delibrate creative thinking. I found it interesting to share some of the key notes of his version of simplicity.

1. There is often a much simpler way of doing things - if you make the effort to look for it. Simplicity does not just hapen.

2. Once a game is laid out in a clear manner, people become very good at playing that game. The game of simplicity needs to be as clearly defined as was the game of quality.

3. The human brain tries its hardest to simplify life by setting up routine patterns of perception and of action. Once you identify the pattern you flow along it without further effort.

4. There is always the possibility that there is a simpler way to do something. Even if that is not always the case it is always worth investing some thinking time and creative effort in trying to find a simpler approach.

5. An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

6. It may be better to simplify a process rather than train people to cope with the complexity.

7. People find thinking to be difficult becausse civilization has never made any attempt to make thinking simpler.

8. Outside technical areas, perception is far more important than logic. But we have persisted in focusing on logic.

9. Breaking things down into smaller units, decentralization and modular design are all approaches to simplicity - so long as the unity of the overall purpose is not lost.

10. Centrelink is a bold attempt by the Australian government to simplify life for the users of the various welfare agencies. It may also simplify administration.

11. Cartoonists constantly face the challenge of simplicity. How can a complex concept be expressed simply?

12. Today computers allow us to do simple things in a much simpler way than ever before.

13. We are usually too ready to accept the first solution as good enough. We need to believe that there is often a better or simpler solution in order to keep on thinking.

14. It is quite impossible to distinguish between true simplicity and simplistic unless you yourself know the subject very well. Otherwise your judgement may demonstrate your ignorance.

15. Why shouldn't language be living and changing all the time?

The key points stated above summarize only first 3 chapters of the book!
Let me ponder over the remaining ones and come back on my blog with its sequels.

Happy December; probably the last chance to make 2009 better and simpler !