Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Give Me Sunshine..

Give me some Sunshine,

Give me some Rain,

Give me a chance to grow up once again!

These few lines i remember running on 104 FM last evening while driving back from office!

Needless to say, Edward's thoughts collated in his 2 books (Simplicity and Six thinking Hats) give me lot of clues to get myself close to the refreshing sunshine i always wish to be in!!

Today i have something new for Edward's lovers; guess the sequel to simplicity may take a little more time as the concepts are getting little more complicated as i am trying to grasp more of it slowly and steadily..

Today i have for my blogging friends the summary of Yellow thinking hat:

Yellow hat thinking is positive and constructive. The yellow color symbolizes sunshine, brightness and optimism.

Yellow hat thinking is concerned with positive assessment, just as black hat thinking is concerned with negative assessment.

Yellow hat thinking covers a positive spectrum ranging from the logical and practical at one end to dreams, visions and hopes at the other end.

Yellow hat thinking probes and explores for value and benefit.Yellow hat thinking then strives to find logical support for this value and benefit.Yellow hat thinking seeks to put forward soundly based optimism but it is not restricted to this - provided other types of optimism are appropriatley labelled.

Yellow hat thinking is constructive and generative.From yellow hat thinking come concrete proposals and suggestions.Yellow hat thinking is concerned with operacy and with making things happen.Effectiveness is the aim of yellow hat constructive thinking.

Yellow hat thinking can be speculative and opportunity seeking.Yellow hat thinking also permits visions and dreams.

Yellow hat thinking is not concerned with mere positive euphoria (red hat) nor directly with creating new ideas (green hat).

Well, today has just begun..let me try to put on Edward's yellow hat for the remaining 19 hours and feel some soothing sunshine in this cold winter for a day.

Give me sunshine..

Give me some rain..

Give me a chance to grow up once again!!


Sandy said...

Tell us all about your adventure's wearing the yellow hat whole day, we are all eager to know more it!


ur thoughts r driving me towards that book.. i always wonder how one can get so many waves from a single thing (as was case with yellow hat).. :P

Mukul said...

Nice post...I am also eagerly waiting for your exp from rest of day.

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks Everyone!

I surprisingly got a half day off that day as some hard material corrupted my car starter coil.

It was fun debugging and getting my car repaired!

Second day of the office also i saw myself enjoying bday parties and trying new things in office..

Yellow hat went cool on a sunny winter day!