Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates at their worst!

I saw the much awaited " Pirates of the Caribbean" last week..

Oh my God! what was it..

Fights, struggle, war, blood, fame, torture......there was no end to it!!

All though, the aim of turning everything sensational was badly missed bcz of the overdose of animation..

i guess part- 3 turned out to be the most hilarious..
imagination was at its peak...
and i was quite happy to realise that i had skipped the fst 2 :-))

I was finding it difficult to kill the last hour..

Had never thought an english movie, could be 3 hour long!!

Caught hold of some interesting dialogues..


  • There is no other way to live further.
  • I give you the fountain of youth.


  • Take what you can.
  • Give nothing back.


  • Will you marry me? I have made my choice. Whats yours ??
  • Accept me in hell.
  • I do .. :-)))

4. Die for the day we were living for.

5. They will know what we can do, for the courage in our heart.


  • He was only the tool of your betrayal.
  • I propose an exchange.
  • You have no light.


  • Do you fear death.
  • No idea :-p


  • Prepare every vessel that floats.
  • The trail is living with yourself forever.

9. The Pirate king is elected by popular vote.

Made me wonder how were the previous ones selected ???


  • My heart will always belong to you.
  • If you have a better alternative, please say!!! ---what can anyone say...

11. The best one ---

" We must fight to run away"....

12. This is good one:

" You have corrupted your purpose, and hence you." --I really liked this one!!

13. A sad one -(( "

  • You have come for me.
  • You expected me.
  • Finally when we could be together again, you dint come."

14 . This talks sense.

  • This is madness.
  • This is politics.

15. From a bold heart!!

  • There is only one price, i would expect.
  • What is it you want the most.

16. Talks of destiny..

"Our destiny is coined, Elizabeth."

17. This is ultimate:

" Death has a curious way of shuffling priorites."

18. And the last one, aptly says:

"There is never a guarantee of coming back"

I would rate this movie 2.5 on a scale of 5..Not at all recommended for doctors..They will go mad, if they see a heart being carried in a wooden box, to be given back to a soul...and everything else revolves ard it..

Orlando Bloom.. -5/5 ..such a confused character..performed very badly..josh completely missing..

Keina 6/5 ...performed exceptionally well..the only thing which went wrong with this character was that how cld it fall in love with such a confused and not so intelligent soul!

Johny Depp 4.5 /5 ..really enjoyed watching him..Comedy was at the best..delivered some of the best dialogues..

Recently started reading a novel, "For one more Day", by Mitch Albom..
the prologue looks quite interesting.

What i have interpreted, after reading it, goes like this:

"As if given a chance, you wld mend something broken very coercively..
to be back in good terms with ur dear ones..
to find one more reason to smile..
to be able to say sorry to ur dear ones..
and to tell them how much they mean to you
.. "

It talks of a ghost..and it says every family has a ghost..
sounds a bit scary..
lets see how it goes..
it looks like, i am gonna like it for sure!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My rendezvous with blogging!

One day, my orkut cum blogging frd asked me!

" I wonder, if you are as active on orkut as on blogger. Anything special??"

I cld only smile while replying to this beautiful question..

I said, "You judged me right, but i'm still guessing what's the reason behind"

To this he replied,

You are one of the few people, who like to express themselves in words..

and i guess, he is quite right....

There is a kindling candle, inside my heart..
It is shimmering out through blogging..
killing the silence and the darkness,
that has inhibited me since long......

To this, i asked a question to myself:
Do i have something as passionate to follow like this blogging.????

Surprisingly, my answer is YES:....
and infact i have many such paths to pursue my passion, if i have to do away with blogging.....

  • Solving those mathematical problems, someting i relished a lot in my 11th 12th days!!

  • Sitting outside the Maa Pedamma Temple, and selling those white gajras...i just love their fragrance, and wld luv to spend all my days with that lovely fragrance..

  • If i take up my painting hobby further...i wld sketch and paint till all the muscles in my hands start aching....i wld explore all the islands on that small canvas!!

  • If i get an opportunity to impart some knowledge to so many deprived young children, who are forced to work..if one fine day, i realise that i have given my life to them..i will be exxxxxxxxxtremely happpppppyyy!!!

  • If i get an opportunity to learn classical dance, it wld just give it my everything.

  • If i continue with my drum classes again, and play some wonderful
    " We don't need no education, all n all it's just another brick in the wall"...

  • Or if i am made to think deeply, why do red roses symbolize something as pure as love...!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Neera!!

Here comes the celebration time...
masti time n fun time...
iya iya hoo...

crack the jokes n cut the cake..
iya iya hoo..

fill the air ard with luv so great..
iya iya hoo..

blow the candles and tap ur feet..
iya iya hoo..

for you celebrate your bday..
and we celebrate you...

the princess of our little home..
the Mausi of lovely kids..
darling sis of her sweet siblings
and the queen of our Jiju's heart...

so don't miss us...
and have fun on our behalf..

for we r having fun too...

jingle bells, jingle bells..
jingle all the way...

wishes are coming from.. Delhi...Gurgaon..Bathinda..Karnal..Patna..Banglore..Patiala..Germany...London..

Oh Dear!!
we dint know, you are a celebrity...

congratulations n celebrations...
we want the world to know-...

it's Our Neera's Bday today!!




HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPpppppppppppppyyyyyyyy HApppppppppppppppppppppy


happy bday to you...
happy long life to you...
happy bday dear Neera..
happy bday to you...

loads of wishes, bumps, cakes, chocolates, hugs, dresses, jewelleries..

. _. °°°°°°°MAsTi Gang )):-----§§§ ._.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A tribute to Motherhood..

My first tribute to the enduring mother,
Who shed so much of her blood, to give us birth..
Who restlessly moved in pain for nine months, to safeguard the symbol of her love.
Who shed the tears of joy, when her toddler’s tiny feet impetuously pushed her body..
And taught her babies, the lesson of trust, faith and compassion..
even before they arrived on earth..

My second tribute to the feeding mother,
Who left no stone unturned in making our body healthy n strout..

My third tribute to the reading mother,
who made us realise the importance of education
and happily spent her hours, setting our foundation
tirelessly teaching the otherwise monotonous alphabets and numerals..
who gave us small small gifts on our small small achievements..
and kissed n hugged us to expose us to the vast ocean of love. .

My fourth tribute to the daring mother,
who taught us how to fight..
and not to give up hope..
even in the moments of utter despair..

My fifth tribute to the praying mother,
who kept on praying to Aadi Shakti Matu Bhavani..
to bless her children with all the love of Mother Divine..

My sixth tribute to the hopeful mother,
who in the form of Mother Teresa..
showed light to millions of souls in search of mercy n love..
& preached that love does not know any bounds..

My seventh tribute to the caring & loving mother,
who became our angel in different forms..
at times Mausi, at times Bua..
At times Aunt, at times Sister
and sometimes as your best Friend!!

My eighth tribute to the listening mother,
who gave us pieces of golden advice, whenever we were in doubt..

My ninth tribute to the hardworking mother,
who struggled with us until the end.
Till we kept on honing ourselves so as to touch the sky..
who made us realize that we are not mere stones..but glittering diamonds
who have to rule the inner n outer world for a benevolent cause..

My last tribute to our late Dadimaas and my ailing Nanimaa..
who have been giving all their breaths,
praying for the well being of their generations..
Here we are,
with folded hands and knees bent,
paying a tribute to all the great great mothers..
Though it is beyond words..
but even then, here comes the promise..
that all that we were ever taught..
will be carried forward
with all the grace you have always wished for!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hassi ke fhubare

Me and my friend Priti, had a very interesting conversation in Hindi today..
enjoy reading it from bottom to top...and control ur laughter if you can..


From: Gupta Priti () Sent: Wednesday, 09.May 2007 17:18To: Goyal Mandeep (); Gupta Pooja ()Subject: RE: travel report

bhrata app ka hardik dhanyavaad..


From: Goyal Mandeep () Sent: Wednesday, 09 May, 2007 17:16To: Gupta Pooja (); Gupta Priti ()Subject: travel report


From: Gupta Pooja ()
Sent: Wednesday, 09 May, 2007 17:05
To: Gupta Priti ()
Subject: RE: Hi!!!

Priye sakhi….
Agar sawal hee itna mehnga hai, to salary duguni milne chahiye..kyunki ek din ke humein 1000 rupees hee milenge bas..
Aapkee sahayata ke liye humne Hemant ke dyara bhari gayee travel report bhejne ka nirnay kiya hai…
Kyunki usme bhi jo thode bahut change karne honge, hum uske layak bhi nahin hai..
Kyunki aesaa sunne mein aaya hai, ke copy karne ke liye bhi dimag ke zaroorat aajkal hamare pass nahin hai..
Voh abhi ghoomne gayaa hai, na jaane kab vaapis aayega…
Agar aapke pas koi extra piece hai, to kripiya humare dvaar bhij vvaa dein
Aap India mein jo bhi patr bheje, uske cc mein humara naama bhi daal dein… effect duguna ho jaayega,
2 baniyon ke pukar sunkar… shayad humare manager ( jo swayam ek baniya hein), situation ke gambhirta ko samjh paayein..

From: Gupta Priti ()
Sent: Wednesday, 09.May 2007 16:57
To: Gupta Pooja ()
Subject: RE: Hi!!!

Sahirdya namaskar
App bass hukum kijiye.. Report kaal hi app ke nazar kar di jayegi..
Humara dil gad gad ho gaya apke patrr se.. Hame to shabad bhi nahi mil rahe hain aap ki prashansha karne ke liye..:)
App agar khe to india mein ek mail dall de.. 1000 Rs ka sawal.. Hai.. What say??
Chaliye hume guftgu jari karhiga..
From: Gupta Pooja ()
Sent: Wednesday, 09 May, 2007 16:49
To: Gupta Priti ()
Subject: RE: Hi!!!

Mein to hass hass ke lot palot ho gayee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kya mast patr likha hai….
Hassee ke fhubare nikal rahe hai, likha bhi nahin jaa raha……
Yaar mujhe koi indian salary nahn mili,..aapki tarah..
Mein bhi ek baniya hun, unhe pata chal gaya hai…
Mein copy paste karne mein maahir hun,.college ke 4 saal yahin kiya..
Aap travel report bhare, hum copy kar lenge..

Aapka bahut bahut dhanyawaad!!
Bhagwaan aapka bhala kare, jab aap travel report bharke( yah kahin aur se copy karke) hume bhi copy karne ka mauka dein!
From: Gupta Priti ()
Sent: Wednesday, 09.May 2007 16:44
To: Gupta Pooja ()
Subject: RE: Hi!!!

Namaskar sakhi
Apka patrr mila.. Hume hardik prasanta hui..
Prashnoo ke uttar is prakar hai..
Aur India ke 2 din ke salary aaye kya……-- only one day salary.. Buut it is only in pay slip.. Havnt received it.. Prashan se prashan yeah uthta hai Ki.. app ko apni tankhva(salary) mili kya???
20 Euros bhi hame nahi mile hain abhi tak.. Prateet hota hai.. Unhe baniyo ke bare mein pata nahi hai..
Travel report fill nahi kari.. Kar lete hai I am not in hurry when I have to return money.. So.. Let do it this week.. What say?
Darshana abhilashi
From: Gupta Pooja ()
Sent: Wednesday, 09 May, 2007 16:37
To: Gupta Priti ()
Subject: Hi!!!

Hi Priti!!!!
Kesee hai..
Yaar Shweta ke 20 euros revert ho gaye..
Tere hue kya..
Aur India ke 2 din ke salary aaye kya……
Aur ek aur question :-)))
Travel report fill karee kya!!
Reply ke pratiksha mein…
Aapki sakhi pooja

Sunday morning.. Rain is falling!!

The weather is just so lovely, nowadays!!!!!!!!

yesterday, i witnessed the first rains in Dusseldorf......

and the weather was just tooooooooooooo amazing...

and though i did open my umbrella...

i did not feel like using it at all.....

can't help remembering Sonali Bendre in her song

'Saawan Barse, Tarse Dil..
Kyun naa ghar se nikale dil.....
Barkha mein bhi dil pyasa hai..
yeh pyar nahin to kya hai'........

and it was even lovelier, after i stepped up to my house...nopes i shd call it home!!

for i really love to stay in it...

Tiny tiny raindrops on the window pane...

that was so new to me...

but yes..the fragrance of the wet soil was definitely missing...

but can have it all, when i go back to my indian soil..

and to add to the occasion,

suddenly my walkman started playing...

"Sunday morning, rain is falling " from the band Maroon5...

oh the lyrics are just so lovely...

i can't help it, but i have been badly hooked on to writing the lyrics on my blog.....

here i go:

"Sunday Morning"


Sunday morning rain is falling

Steal some covers share some skin

Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable

You twist to fit the mold that I am in

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do

And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew

That someday it would lead me back to you

That someday it would lead me back to you


That may be all I need

In darkness she is all I see

Come and rest your bones with me

Driving slow on Sunday morning

And I never want to leave


Fingers trace your every outline

Paint a picture with my hands

Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm

Change the weather still together when it ends


That may be all I need

In darkness she is all I see

Come and rest your bones with me

Driving slow on Sunday morning

And I never want to leave


But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do

Sunday morning rain is falling and I'm calling out to you

Singing someday it'll bring me back to you

Find a way to bring myself back home to you


And you may not know

That may be all I need

In darkness she is all I see

Come and rest your bones with me

Driving slow on Sunday morning-----

And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew
That someday it would lead me back to you
That someday it would lead me back to you

Well, i guess i am much more than happy to be here....

i have already hit the road..

was talking to my cousins, few minutes back..

all of them feel, i must be missing home...

but my heart knows......

There is nothing to miss...

for i believe in surprises, miracles and hard work..

and i am pretty sure, so many are still on the way.....

many mysteries are yet to be unfolded..

many awards are yet to be received...

and there are many frowning little faces, whose smiles i have to bring back...

just like this rain...

and this weather...

which has unveiled the love, masti and joy somewhere hidden inside me...

Happy rains..

My frd in Maharshtra is worried, that let not the rains be as bad as last year..

and heydear God! please listen to their prayers...

for let not anybody have any other feeling but love for these lovely rains!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Join the Joyride!!!

Hello, you fool,
I love you
Come on join the joyride
Join the joyride

well.......... this song is my favorite too....
and yah........the joyride is ongoing.......

guess what...
I am back with the marathon...
and this time the venue is not NCR..
Sponsor is not Hutch........
I won't run for a cause..
it won't be just a half marathon.......

hey hey...
i am all ready to witness the full marathon in Dusseldorf this Sunday!!!

42 km...trained athletes..covering river Rhine...
costing 70 Euros........

feeling excited...
visitthe link:

I just hope they let spectators buy t-shirts as well...

and then i will wear it when i participate in Delhi Marathon 2008....

hey hey....

very much like i was wearing my Hutch marathon t-shirt when i visited Tulip Gardens in Holland last weekend with my friends...

and guess what..
the song:
"Yeh kahan aa gaye hum from Silsila has been shot here"

hey, missing the song:
here i present you the lyrics!!!

Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain
Tum hoti to kaisa hota, tum yeh kehti, tum voh kehti
Tum is baat pe hairaan hoti, tum us baat pe kitni hansti
Tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to vaisa hota
Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte
Teri baahon mein hai jaanam
Mere jism-o-jaan pighalte
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte

Yeh raat hai, yeh tumhaari zulfein khuli hui hai
Hai chaandni ya tumhaari nazrein se meri raatein dhuli hui hai
Yeh chaand hai ya tumhaara kangan
Sitaarein hai ya tumhaara aanchal
Hawa ka jhonka hai ya tumhaare badan ki khushboo
Yeh pattiyon ki hai sarsaraahat ke tumne chupke se kuch kaha hai
Yeh sochta hoon main kab se gumsum
Ke jab ki mujhko bhi yeh khabar hai
Ke tum nahin ho, kahin nahin ho
Magar yeh dil hai ke keh raha hai
Ke tum yahin ho, yahin kahin ho

O, tu badan hai main hoon chhaaya
Tu na ho to main kahan hoon
Mujhe pyaar karne waale
Tu jahan hai main vahan hoon
Hamein milna hi tha hamdam
Issi raah pe nikalte
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte
Mm, meri saans saans maheke
Koi bheena bheena chandan
Tera pyaar chaandni hai
Mera dil hai jaise aangan
Koi aur bhi mulaayam
Meri shaam dhalte dhalte
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte

Majboor yeh haalaat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Tanhaai ki ek raat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Kehne ko bahut kuch hai, magar kisse kahe hum
Kab tak yunhi khaamosh rahe aur sahe hum
Dil kehta hai duniya ki har ek rasm utha de
Deevaar jo hum dono mein hai, aaj gira de
Kyoon dil mein sulagte rahe, logon ko bata de
Haan humko mohabbat hai, mohabbat hai, mohabbat
Ab dil mein yehi baat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum

and this place is really awesome......
worth visiting once..

let me upload some pics!

These white flowers gave name to my blog as well:

"Avant Garde"

Hope you liked them!!

Good Luck!!