Saturday, May 12, 2007

A tribute to Motherhood..

My first tribute to the enduring mother,
Who shed so much of her blood, to give us birth..
Who restlessly moved in pain for nine months, to safeguard the symbol of her love.
Who shed the tears of joy, when her toddler’s tiny feet impetuously pushed her body..
And taught her babies, the lesson of trust, faith and compassion..
even before they arrived on earth..

My second tribute to the feeding mother,
Who left no stone unturned in making our body healthy n strout..

My third tribute to the reading mother,
who made us realise the importance of education
and happily spent her hours, setting our foundation
tirelessly teaching the otherwise monotonous alphabets and numerals..
who gave us small small gifts on our small small achievements..
and kissed n hugged us to expose us to the vast ocean of love. .

My fourth tribute to the daring mother,
who taught us how to fight..
and not to give up hope..
even in the moments of utter despair..

My fifth tribute to the praying mother,
who kept on praying to Aadi Shakti Matu Bhavani..
to bless her children with all the love of Mother Divine..

My sixth tribute to the hopeful mother,
who in the form of Mother Teresa..
showed light to millions of souls in search of mercy n love..
& preached that love does not know any bounds..

My seventh tribute to the caring & loving mother,
who became our angel in different forms..
at times Mausi, at times Bua..
At times Aunt, at times Sister
and sometimes as your best Friend!!

My eighth tribute to the listening mother,
who gave us pieces of golden advice, whenever we were in doubt..

My ninth tribute to the hardworking mother,
who struggled with us until the end.
Till we kept on honing ourselves so as to touch the sky..
who made us realize that we are not mere stones..but glittering diamonds
who have to rule the inner n outer world for a benevolent cause..

My last tribute to our late Dadimaas and my ailing Nanimaa..
who have been giving all their breaths,
praying for the well being of their generations..
Here we are,
with folded hands and knees bent,
paying a tribute to all the great great mothers..
Though it is beyond words..
but even then, here comes the promise..
that all that we were ever taught..
will be carried forward
with all the grace you have always wished for!


Sudershan said...

Thanks for your wishes, my lovely daughter.
I wish u may rise high high & high one day.
Good Luck!

Neera said...

Really a lovely poem my Poojus.
i just felt so so deep reading this poem.

take care!

pilot-pooja said...

Thank you Mumma, i miss you so much :-(((

Thanks a ton Didi..I was quite sure u r gonna like this piece of work!!

Aditya said...

You have tried to put all the emotions .......... nice one

Amit Mittal said...

Hmm...Nice lines...couldn't read your blog for a while but while posting "something" on my blog, i read these lines, God, you haven't lost any skill...

Nidhi said...

This is extremely good!!

It not only tells us how much u understand mumma but also an indication of ur becoming a good mom in future.


Karthik said...

Nice Poem!