Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My rendezvous with blogging!

One day, my orkut cum blogging frd asked me!

" I wonder, if you are as active on orkut as on blogger. Anything special??"

I cld only smile while replying to this beautiful question..

I said, "You judged me right, but i'm still guessing what's the reason behind"

To this he replied,

You are one of the few people, who like to express themselves in words..

and i guess, he is quite right....

There is a kindling candle, inside my heart..
It is shimmering out through blogging..
killing the silence and the darkness,
that has inhibited me since long......

To this, i asked a question to myself:
Do i have something as passionate to follow like this blogging.????

Surprisingly, my answer is YES:....
and infact i have many such paths to pursue my passion, if i have to do away with blogging.....

  • Solving those mathematical problems, someting i relished a lot in my 11th 12th days!!

  • Sitting outside the Maa Pedamma Temple, and selling those white gajras...i just love their fragrance, and wld luv to spend all my days with that lovely fragrance..

  • If i take up my painting hobby further...i wld sketch and paint till all the muscles in my hands start aching....i wld explore all the islands on that small canvas!!

  • If i get an opportunity to impart some knowledge to so many deprived young children, who are forced to work..if one fine day, i realise that i have given my life to them..i will be exxxxxxxxxtremely happpppppyyy!!!

  • If i get an opportunity to learn classical dance, it wld just give it my everything.

  • If i continue with my drum classes again, and play some wonderful songs....like
    " We don't need no education, all n all it's just another brick in the wall"...

  • Or if i am made to think deeply, why do red roses symbolize something as pure as love...!!


Amit Mittal said...

Okay !!!,Do red roses symbolize pure love, let me check, In Christendom, the red rose is seen as a symbol of the Jesus blood and the agony which he endured during the crucifixion.In Persia it is believed that if the petals fall from red rose cut in an English garden it is a superstitious omen of bad luck. However, in modern culture, the red rose has become almost universally accepted as an expression of deepest love and respect because of ..its color
red color can be easily distinguised,(max wavelength), similarly pure love can be easily seen, this is also a reason of all the danger sign boards, painted in red.
orkut cum blogging frd !!!

pilot-pooja said...

Hey Frd!!

You seem to have already done a lot of research on it!

I was totally unaware of the fst two!!

Orkut cum Blogging frd!!