Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boogy Biggins

Green pastures, golden cookies,
Happy birthday oh Mr. Boogy Biggins,

Hero of lads, smiles of a many princess'
you bring magic in packs of tickings

zooly zooly you enter,
pooly pooly you sweep-in

Bringing unbelievable charm to our eyes
We merrily sing n dance in chirpy groupings

knowing my secrets, throwing my fears,
Playing games of hearts, you pour down the hatred

Flying on the mountains, suspecting no fear
The blue roads look merrier, freedom feeling so near

Oh Mr. Biggins, happy to hear
Happiness is back, so is Mr. Hobbit Biggins

-Inspired by The Fellowship of The Ring

Friday, April 09, 2010


Blood connecting tongue to the mouth
Blood giving light to the eyes

Blood pumping life via the heart
Blood flowing in the artery pipes

Blood moving bi-directional in the nose
Blood mixed in water carried by food pipe

Blood while cutting vegetable she shed
Blood i saw as tears in someone's eye

In blood so red, they say she pensively writes
Her beautiful mind has a faithful friend wrapped in blood so puerile

A Sense

A sense of irritation with people displaying unwanted social appraisal
A sense of jealousy observing impeccable peer brilliance
A sense of smile for invisible self achievements
A sense of joy for every innovative desire
A sense of pride for shimmering self-belief
A sense of knowledge for accomplished academic step
A sense of sixth sense understanding others wicked senses underneath
A sense of sub-consciousness feeling Mom-Dad's unshakeable love
A sense of beauty feeling nothing bad lasts forever when tried level best