Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates at their worst!

I saw the much awaited " Pirates of the Caribbean" last week..

Oh my God! what was it..

Fights, struggle, war, blood, fame, torture......there was no end to it!!

All though, the aim of turning everything sensational was badly missed bcz of the overdose of animation..

i guess part- 3 turned out to be the most hilarious..
imagination was at its peak...
and i was quite happy to realise that i had skipped the fst 2 :-))

I was finding it difficult to kill the last hour..

Had never thought an english movie, could be 3 hour long!!

Caught hold of some interesting dialogues..


  • There is no other way to live further.
  • I give you the fountain of youth.


  • Take what you can.
  • Give nothing back.


  • Will you marry me? I have made my choice. Whats yours ??
  • Accept me in hell.
  • I do .. :-)))

4. Die for the day we were living for.

5. They will know what we can do, for the courage in our heart.


  • He was only the tool of your betrayal.
  • I propose an exchange.
  • You have no light.


  • Do you fear death.
  • No idea :-p


  • Prepare every vessel that floats.
  • The trail is living with yourself forever.

9. The Pirate king is elected by popular vote.

Made me wonder how were the previous ones selected ???


  • My heart will always belong to you.
  • If you have a better alternative, please say!!! ---what can anyone say...

11. The best one ---

" We must fight to run away"....

12. This is good one:

" You have corrupted your purpose, and hence you." --I really liked this one!!

13. A sad one -(( "

  • You have come for me.
  • You expected me.
  • Finally when we could be together again, you dint come."

14 . This talks sense.

  • This is madness.
  • This is politics.

15. From a bold heart!!

  • There is only one price, i would expect.
  • What is it you want the most.

16. Talks of destiny..

"Our destiny is coined, Elizabeth."

17. This is ultimate:

" Death has a curious way of shuffling priorites."

18. And the last one, aptly says:

"There is never a guarantee of coming back"

I would rate this movie 2.5 on a scale of 5..Not at all recommended for doctors..They will go mad, if they see a heart being carried in a wooden box, to be given back to a soul...and everything else revolves ard it..

Orlando Bloom.. -5/5 ..such a confused character..performed very badly..josh completely missing..

Keina 6/5 ...performed exceptionally well..the only thing which went wrong with this character was that how cld it fall in love with such a confused and not so intelligent soul!

Johny Depp 4.5 /5 ..really enjoyed watching him..Comedy was at the best..delivered some of the best dialogues..

Recently started reading a novel, "For one more Day", by Mitch Albom..
the prologue looks quite interesting.

What i have interpreted, after reading it, goes like this:

"As if given a chance, you wld mend something broken very coercively..
to be back in good terms with ur dear ones..
to find one more reason to smile..
to be able to say sorry to ur dear ones..
and to tell them how much they mean to you
.. "

It talks of a ghost..and it says every family has a ghost..
sounds a bit scary..
lets see how it goes..
it looks like, i am gonna like it for sure!!!

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