Friday, June 01, 2007

Something in my soul just cried!

I was listening to Lobo's:

I'd love you to want me song..

suddenly, i heard the line:

Now it took time for me to know
What you tried so not to show
Something in my soul just cried
I see the want in your blue eyes..

and i just can't deny the fact..
That i can see a tear coming from my soul!

my soul is crying.
i am missing you Mumma!!!
n these tears r now coming out of my eyes..

i miss you Papa.
the way u luv ur puju!
The way u always want me to be happy..

Yes, the want in my heart..
for all the love, i have been getting from all...
for that eternal love..
which does not appear for a day or 2.

which is not just a give and take...
rather, i have taken it all!!

when i alwz keep on falling off one branch or the other...
How my dear ones catch me up!
n show me the path,
which is good but tough..

and for all the disciplines of GOD!
i keep on meeting here n then.
May i be able to uphold n stand
for all that they have taught me..

Let the self in me, melt....n vanish
for when i see, people ard me, so giving..
then i look for the sand, wherein i can hide my face...

oh God, ur world is so giving..
so beautiful..
make me a part of this world..
for i keep on falling a prey to the wickedness..

Oh Dear God!
please make me a selfless soul..
full of love, that is as pure as a parent's love for his child..
as amicable as a sea welcoming a river..
as free as a bird flying free in the blue sky..

Oh God..take away the sin in me....
oh God..
my soul is crying..
n i wish something in my soul keeps on crying..
til i throw away the dirt in me..
n end the vicious loop of hurting others n myself!!


Jungle Mom said...

I feel it too! I enjoyed reading the lyrics.

pilot-pooja said...

U have a big heart, dear!

Such a giving n magnanimous soul like you is surely an inspiration for many!!