Thursday, June 14, 2007

Taj Mahal: Amazing wonder of the world

I had been getting mails from here n there to vote for Taj Mahal, before it is too late..

Till the last two years, i had been quite prejudiced while voting for Taj Mahal..

But now that, i have recently visited another wonder, Eiffel Tower.....
I am quite sure that i won't do anything wrong, if i vote for it again.....

and this is exactly what i did..
and this time i moved one step ahead as well..
i paid 2 USD along with my vote..
now that we are habitual of spending so many euros daily..i din't have to think twice bfr spending my $!!

and guess what, i have got a certificate as well!!!
wanna see it, here is the link.

and bfr it gets too late to explore one more way of saying..i love you my India........

vote for Taj Mahal at:
Though there are some other not so pleasing stories, associated with Taj Mahal...
But Taj Mahal is surely a symbol of love n sacrifice..
a mind blowing architecture...
and a sound foundation..
it is a symbol of faith n love´..
n strengthens the fact that true love never dies..
for it is eternal..
beyond any boundaries......
as white n purile as snow..
a heart as charming as of a newly wed bride..
as touching as a tiny toddler learning to move on his feet..
as heart rending as a hug from the mother..
as calm & serene as the sea........
as vibrating as the twinking stars in ths sky...
as dynamic as the moments of Sun in the sky..
May This wonder, Taj Mahal..........always remain alive in the hearts of we Indians...
for a thing of amazing beauty like Taj Mahal, is surely a joy for ever!!!


Sandeep said...

Is it a wonder anymore? A wonder is something people look forward to, they respect it, they honour the people and their feelings behind it. The way we Indians have treated the monument in the past couple of decades, is no way near to it. The structure has not been cared for, except for encashing its popularity. We have used it for our own benefits.

We are not voting for this magnificient symbol of love, but we are voting just because it is from India, and it might be left out of the race. It makes me think again: Is it really a wonder?

pilot-pooja said...

Yah, you are quite right in many aspects.

I feel prejudiced again because of my love for my country.

We have not treated the monument, the way it shd be, especialy when i heard how Eiffel tower maintenance activites happen peridically.

But that is what exactly i want to say:

treat our heritage the way it shd be..
let it not be ignored..
lets not devalue smthing which is so precious..!!

and secondly, i think taj Mahal is really a wonder in so many aspects..
it is just that we are unwilling to spend our money and energy to these monuments to enhance it further