Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father, You are special!!

Father's Day, just passed by....
and somehow i failed to wish my father and my Fufaji...
because of a promise given to my father...

That let not my work suffer...
unless there is something really critical!!

Here i am Papa...
Wishing you a very very lovely and auspicious belated father's day!!!!

Like all the fathers n their daughters, for me you are one in a million's million!!!

You are my lifeline Papa.
You understand my every heartbeat...

You wish nothing save the best for me..
You pray for me whenever you find any trouble surrounding me!!

Howsoever angry n annoyed i may have made you feel with my actions...
You always want ur puju to be happy..

You have always encouraged me to stand for the truth...
To be courageous and brave.!!
To fight for what is right..
To understand the importance of time n education..
To realise the value of hard earned money..

Though my eyes are at times with tears..as physical distances have kept us temporarily apart..
and i know that you will hardly visit this post..
but then i know one thing for sure..

You love ur dearie doll very much..
You want her to have all the respectable habits n virtues..
You have taught me how to pray to the Almighty...Lord Shiva..

Here i am, the daddy's gal!!
to which dear Mumma agrees to quite willingly!!

for all the unending love n care.. !
which just can't be expressed in words..

for all the quotes of wisdom!!
for the shining confidence.!!

and for being my idol!!!
I wish You a very very Happy father's day!!

May God bless us with your love today, tomorrow and always!!

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Jungle Mom said...

Thank you for the encouraging words you left for me on my blog!!