Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4 * Yes!

Its been long since i posted last, but many many heartfelt thanks to dearest GOD for making me a global traveller.)))

This week has just started and i have already stayed in 3 different countries!

Had been travelling by Finnair today, when i caught hold of this article by Senta, the director of finnair airlines, who has recently visited India.

"They say that blooming Indian Businesses have four words for "Yes" and none for "No".
WITH THE "CAN DO" ATTITUDE, India is moving forward at SUCH a fast rate such that IT WILL BE THE MOST FAMOUS NATION BY THE END OF THE CENTURY.....""""""""

How happy i felt after reading this ))))

Have always wished the same for my country..

I am already on cloud nine..posting this while enjoying my stay in Hotel Raddison, Finland!!!!!!!!!

Life could not have given me better..
Have just returned from London, immensely enjoying my stay with my family members ..
It was just so amazing..

Got the much needed break from work.

So here i go with my four Yes!!! for the cities i have visited till date..alongwith the ratings on a scale of 5

1. Paris... nothing like it in the whole world..may be a visit to Switzerland only can help me come out of it (*****)

2. London ... my second home in Europe.. found the tower bridge awesome (**** and half )

3. Tulip Gardens, Kukenhoff, Holland... (*** and half )

4. Germany....what shd i say..every place is amazing..if u r plannin for a long stay in Europe...nothing like it..

Yet to explore Finland..but will not be able to do much, as it is an official visit..with no weekend.-((((

Surprisingly, Finnair has misplaced my check in baggage..lets see for how long i can survive with their survival kit..

Laptop charger also gone with the kit..can"t write more!!!

Hope i have a successful n enjoyable stay in Finland!..
Om Sai Nath!!!

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