Monday, July 23, 2007

Maiya mori, Mai nahin Maakhan Khayo!!

A friend of mine recently gifted me some bhajans..
and i have been listening to them all thru my weekend..

and one of them has surely touched my soul...
Oh maiya mori ...
oh maiya mori.......
mai nahin maakhan khayo!!

GOD has created so many beautiful relationships on this earth...

and one of the most auspicious n loveliest being the relationship between a mother and a son..

This Bhajan has been sung by many..and i have recently heard it in Anup Jalota's voice..
And i am all thrilled to hear his voice again and again...))

and this song is just so heart rending..

Had read Swami Vivekanad's teachings once, which emphasized that mother is the most sacred form of God and should be served with utmost respect and care.

This song depicts the beautiful relationship between Lord of the Lords, Lord Krishna in his childhood and his mother Maiya Yashoda!!

How naughty Bal Gopal is trying to hide that he has not consumed Maakhan..

Oh Maiya mori main nahin maakhan khaayo!!

Emotionally blackmailing his mother..telling her that you dont consider me ur part..and hence punishing me...Bringing tears in her eyes..and her maiya agreeing...

Oh Kanhaiya more, Tain nahin maakhan khaayo!!

and finally seeing..that mother is all set to forgive accepts that He only ate Maakhan!!

Oh Maiya mori, mene hee maakhan khayo!!!

visit the link, to see the lyrics!!

Maiya Mori Maein Nahin Maakhan Khayo
Kahat Sunat Mein Aakar Kaahe Jhootha Dosh Lagayo
Ri Maiya Mori Maein Nahin Maakhan Khayo

Yamuna Ke Tat Par Gwal Bal Sang Char Sahar Maein Khela
Gaiya Charavat Bansi Bajavat Sanj Ki Bela
Bhook Lagi To Daudat Daudat Seedha Maein Ghar Aayo
Maiya Mori...

Na Koi Maine Matki Phodi Na Koi Ki Hai Chori
Jaan Liya Kyon Mujhko Jhootha Toone Maiya Mori
Apne Ang Ko Kaise Samjha Toone Aaj Parayo
Maiya Mori...

Mein To Baba Nand Ke Lala Kaahe Chor Kahaun
Apne Ghar Mein Kaun Kami Jo Bahar Makhan Khaun

Baat Suni To Mata Yashoda Hanskar Kanth Lagayo
Phir Boli - Tu Nahin Makhan Khayo
Re Krishna More, Tu Nahin Makhan Khayo!!!!

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mrigank_agg said...


really moms enjoy being teased by their fact this is the real beauty of relation of mom and her child...

reading ur blog i get back to the incidents where i teased my mother..inspite of pain,she enjoyed it a lot...
but the bad part always want her child to remain a small kid and never allow him/her to grow up...:)