Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Country Roads..Take me Home ..!

Country Roads…Take me Home, To the place.. i be-long….~`~~`~
West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Take me home.., Country Roads.!

I’ve been merrily singing n listening to John Denver’s Country Roads these days in every possible hook and corner of this foreign land…

Everywhere I go, I see myself smiling n blushing..
Why……………..Because I am going HOME on a short vacation…………….Hurrah…Almost after an year……

Quoting one snippet from poet Surdas Bhajans:

Bhor Bhaiyo gaiyan ke paache,
Tune madhuban mohae pathayo,
Char prahar panchi van bhatkyon,
Saanjh pare mein ghar aayo,
Re Maiya Mori, mein kab Maakhan khayo ..

Thankfully I’ll get a break from cooking…but the good part is that my sub-conscious has started appreciating my mother’s efforts, rather I shd say real big sacrifices for her family..

If today say even a brilliant guy who has surely taken my heart away, asks me if I’ll be able to embrace home-making at the cost of my career, my dreams, my aspirations.. it’ll be almost impossible for me to say yes…Hats off to the great ladies who have such a magnanimous heart..probably they’re the ones who lay foundations to the making of human idols..!

Coming back, i’ve really put in a lot of effort in getting my leaves approved, booking my tickets, making checklists and the worst of all….filling these annual performance appraisal reports.
I haven’t given my best this I should’ nt be expecting the best..But who is the culprit..
Yes…this blogging passion of mine really distracts me a lot..

Sometimes i feel as if i have entered a wrong profession..By Jun` 08, I’ll be finishing 5 years in this professional world..And I really don’t think that i’ve become a master of anything..probably a jack of too many trades..(

At times I really wonder, why do i get so much of luv n acknowledgment in this exquisite blogosphere..?

My vision is so hollow & limited, still my friends never want to judge me..

I sometimes don’t get time to deliver quality posts, but my friends rather than ignoring those somewhat incomplete thoughts, encourage me to keep pouring in whenever possible..

I’ve been terribly throwing a lot many phrases with syntactic errors, still my friends accept me exactly the way I am ..!

I guess if you have the courage to start with the fundamentals and move steadily on the track come what may..then half the path is already covered..
The other half can be easily discovered if the trekker develops the audacity to positively face the criticism and move ahead..//

One of my dearest friends Amita, very beautifully knitted a poem recently- in an attempt to explain the reasons why our heart craves to blog:

I too framed a draft on the eve of the Valentine’s Day, but hardly got time to re- structure it..
Here i go:

A dear friend of mine,
waits for her valentine..
Dressed in shades of wine,
looks rejuvenating with each smile ..

Daily in front of the mirror glancing,
cogitates to whom her heart’s talking ?
With commotions leaving her mind whirling,
wonders if her lifeline’s listening??

Hope her dreams someday turn bright,
for she reflects none but my own heart,
Seeking mystical love in a stunning twilight,
to be with her beloved at every moment of her life ..!


ChiliLady said...

your blog is awesomeness, i added it to my favourits!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks Sandy!

Welcome to my blog dear Chililady!
Thanks for such words!!

Karthik said...

Wah Wah !
Subhaan Allah !!

Jas said...

u got it very right, may we all sub consciously long for purity; maybe smtimes we may not realise it.
ur 5 yr thing actually made me ponder, from last 1-2 yrs i hav seen how my friends hav changed and become more thoughtful. from being a part of life's hush-push, we are asking the worth of it all.
maybe stage next of life!

Soulmate said...

Nice composition. Happy vacations.. have a good time at home..

Amita..... said...

"I guess if you the courage to start with...." >>> Very very true!

And Pooju, wonderful composition !!!!!!!! so sweet and so innocent thoughts in poem .. very good :))
Keep writing :))

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks my dear friends!!

As i already pointed out in the post, my friends are just so wonderful!!

Jungle Mom said...

Have a great break! but come back!

pilot-pooja said...

Sure Madam!
Will try to post from India..


Sara said...

Nice post..agree 100% on the cooking part..doing it makes you appreciate your mom's doing it everyday without complain.

Anjali Damerla said...

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

You said -
"By Jun` 08, I’ll be finishing 5 years in this professional world..And I really don’t think that i’ve become a master of anything..probably a jack of too many trades"

You know what, I prefer to be a jack of too many trades :) Its interesting. Master of just one trade might get a bit boring. Don't you think :)

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks Sara dear..)
I've been reading your blog quite often..silent admirer ))

All thanks to Nadir..for giving ur blog link on his canvas!

pilot-pooja said...

Hiiiiiii Anjali!

Howz life..

Yah, you're quite right,,change is surely the essential spice of life...

Your blog has really been of great help in understanding the true potential of spices.

You seem to have varied interests..This sounds very inspiring to me!

Very true..we gotta be shining in more than one domain to understand the true meaning of life!

Good Day!