Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Rose Day!

Roses sparkle in beauty n pain, so does the enduring soul,
Roses are blind to human faults, much like our forgiving soul,
Roses stay for a lifetime, akin to the memories of our soul,
Roses gleam pure with red, like the blood stream in our soul,
Roses bring solace to all, crystal pure for every reverberating soul..

A shining rose infuses in us love,
Guiding we selfish to detach it from the source,
Mysterious is our love forcing it to separate,
Just like its farewell, again leading to another form of love,
For the crushed rose still loves us more,
Imparting us the spirit to forgive & adore even more..

For fragile may be the heart of a rose,
But sweeter is the love stored in each petal of rose..!

% Fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose %


Amita..... said...

Happy Rose Day!

Good Attempt :)

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks a ton Amy Dear!
You have been my Guru from whom i learnt the essence of writing n enjoying poems!