Wednesday, February 27, 2008

10,000 Hits: Thank you my blog visitors!

My blog hit count has recently crossed 10,000..
Thank you my dear friends for all your precious support!!

Good to share Harsha Bhogle’s quote here:
“ Success is about how much you are willing to do when you don’t have a reward in mind.”

I was listening to one of my favorite's : Robbie William's "She is the one"..
(last song in my playlist, for those who wld love to hear this song ..)
It's video depicts the magical understanding between 2 entities, marvelously complementing each other on the skating ground:

Watching this video made me wonder, what really led to the rise of feminism or male chauvinism?

I guess these are real complex topics, and nobody till date has been able to solve these puzzles successfully..Let me give it a try :-P

I guess our sub-conscious tries to solve a complex equation:

x (EVEN traits) + iy (ODD traits) = COMPATIBILTY

where x and y represent the degree of resemblance and contrast we look for in the other person.. "i" points to the iota in mathematics ( square root of -1, remember), returning a complex set of solutions most of the times !!

Infact, you take any mathematical calculation, not so tough to figure out smthing meaningful:

35 * 8 = 280

Number 3 had a strong affinity for 5, leading to a resultant 35..
Here x is : both numbers odd factor..
and y is the mutually exclusive family of 3 and 5.
In the family of 3 - every number should sum up as a multiple of 3,
and in the family of 5- every number should end with 5.

Since 3 had more affinity for 5, leading to a number 35 which is still in the family of 5 and not in the family of 3..

In this game of numbers, every number has to shed its traits sooner or we see that 3 has now shed its family trait and almost out of the game..

Now the number 8 makes entry..

Since 35 has a great odd power, 8 ( which happens to be a 3rd descendent of 2's family, has great affinity to the odd combination of 3 and 5)..
This time 5 has to lose its trait...leading to a resultant 280, where 8 still maintains its traits,
5 is completely dissolved.. and 2 more entities come up, 2 and 10/2 = 5..

Actually every number has a certain form of 2 and's disappearance often leads to appearance of other..

The resultant will again have a strong attraction to any number in 3's family..say 9

280 * 9 = 2520..

Thus 3 has made a re-entry in the form of the sum of digits..
but since 8 has to go away this time..
we have both 2 and 5, along with their product 10 in the new digit...

P.S. \\\/// This was just an inventive thinking from my side to solve the unsolvable


No baits for my murder please...probably Russell's Beautiful Mind is still running high through my mind!

Hope to be more logical next time: XD




Sandy said...

Congratulation on touching the 10K milestone! Keep walking!

The song is nice, and the video beautiful.

Its the iota of things that make pure simple things complex ;)

Soulmate said...

That equation and its explanation was actually quite mindful... :-)

pilot-pooja said...

Oh many thanks dear..!

Wasnt too optimistic abt this post..)

Sara said...

I like the freshness of your thoughts,Pooja.Even though I got a little lost in the explanation of the equation, but again, its so fresh.

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks Sara..

I am still trying to figure out a formula which explains the likes and dislikes amongst the human beings on the same earth!

Sandy said...

Best of luck Pooja, for if you would be able to derive then we might be able to quantify a person some day.

Shantanu Goel said...

lemme comment back when I understand the post (i.e. after 10000 years ;) )
vaise congratz for the milestone :)
and yeah, my blog (the tech one) also crossed 10000 unique visitors today (arnd 30k hits ). I accept ur congrats automatically :)

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks for ur much needed wishes Sandy....I'm also waiting in the same queue to meet my Mr. Right one day !!!

Hey Shantz ..this is a real good news..very aspiring,,I too want to enhance my techie panorama..

I also take ur best wishes automatically...))

Amita..... said...

Hi Pooja,

Many Many congrtulations for the great miltestone!!! You have been such an inspiration :))

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(No comments about the formula.. could not understand :( you should explain me sometime....)

pilot-pooja said...

Many Many thanks my dearie..

The fact is even i am still working on this formula..)

Jas said...

First of all hearty congrats on ur blog touching our hearts 10000 times! i hav seen that maturity of expression developing in ur posts since last; dunno i got hooked on, but ya, am for permanent
and then abt the formula, it was just brilliant. I esp liked the way u got odd traits to iota. The observation, derivation and explanation were just too right the similes. and I cud see you in that 3; telling for sure the writer is a girl :)

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks a ton Jas..
I too completely agree that i entered blogging as a naive..trying to run away with the realities of life...but yes now we surely have a mature gal Pooja with us..)

yah very true ..i have seen myself in 3...though at times feel i can be a 2 also..for me 2 is the most generous and ubiquitous soul on earth...