Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy Shivratri!

Hurrah.......... I am back to India.......n i have loads to share..

My journey started on Monday morning at 4, with a lady taxi driver coming to drop me at the airport..making me realise that i had spent an year in a very safe zone..!!

I had to change my flight at Milan, Italy.. The beautiful hills surrounded by old pine trees heavily covered in snow, looked amazing from the top..

The 7 hour stretch from Milan to Delhi was beautifully wrapped by talks with my fellow Indians, discussions about life at foreign land..and what not..)

Though i must admit that the untidy Indira Gandhi airport, and the heavy showcase of jewellery and make up by the Indian beauties almost turned me off..(

Ahha...there i saw my brother and my father dying to see the apple of their eye..(me) .....and then my joy knew no bounds.....The 4 hour journey to my hometown in Karnal (Haryana) looked so short n sweet...

Since the moment i have landed at my place...i can hardly find any spare time...Meeting my relatives after a long span was so soothing...

I showed all my pics and played all my songs and Bhajans..opened gifts...The excitement was at the peak..Recently realised that my neighbours' toddler kids were fascinated to meet me as well...They were so innocent, i could not help remembering my childhood days..quoting some of their sweet talks:

" Aap humare saath patang udhayoge..

Hum aapke ghar bat-ball khelenge to aapke ghar ke sheeshe tut jayenge..)

Mere Papa to itne bade ho gaye, abhi bhi school jate hain.. pata hai kaun se..Mere..)))

Mene apne Dost ko ek thapad maara, voh dur jaakar gira..usko hospital lekar gaye hain...***

Mein bade hokar pilot banunga..aisa maharaj ji ne kha tha..!!

Aap mere ghar aayoge, please abhi aa jayo..))) "

so sweet!!!

Oh yes..Today being Maha Shivratri.. i am on fast....May the Great God shower His choicest of blessings on all of us..

This week and the coming one, i'm busy with lots of religious ceremonies..

Today we waited in a long queue in the Shiva temple while chanting the holy names in unison..

2 days from now, there is Mata Bhagwati Jagran at our place ..and the next week i"ll be visiting Maa Vaishno Devi shrine after so many years..I am too excited...My friends are really angry with me, for i am not able to call them..I really want to talk to them in peace..So Sorry...Dont forget me..i will call you soon in a week or two..)))

With so many activites queued up, i surely have been assigned some tasks by my mother..the ones i like to do the every possible corner of my home and designing invitation cards for the Jagran to be distributed within the colony..

I luv to clean my house..and dont want any help from the maid..For if we have made our house dirty, no one else shd be responsible for cleaning it...This leads to a frequent altercation between me n my brother...and we just love them...i missed these fights so much in the last one year..!

Oh Yes...please have a look at the invitation cards designed by me..

Many thanks to for their enriching vocabulary:

मा जगदंबा की असीम कृपा से हमे 8 मार्च, शनिवार, रात्रि 10 बजे माता का जागरण आयोजित करने का परम सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ है।
आपसे विनम्र आग्रह है कि आप सपरिवर पधार कर हमे अनुग्रहित करें एवं माता का शुभ आशीर्वाद प्राप्त करें !!

गुप्ता परिवार

147-P, सेक्टर 7
अर्बन-अस्टेट, करनाल

My father just gave me a compliment for designing it well...)

Lets hope my neighbours like it too..

Time to catch up with my frds' posts..Really busy..Just got another work, this time assigned by my father..)

Have a good Day!


Mukul said...

hey..I was surfing just like that..came across your blog...nice description of visit to india..I kinda like it because i too made a trip to india recently...anyways take care


Anonymous said... ur blog on returing back...i know what it feels like to return...hope u enjoy every moment of ur stay....keep writing....


Jas said...

O great! Welcome to India! I must agree with you on those make and jewelery thing, i swear, u gotta look at those people and the attitude! But then if you see you will find this common across Asia and good part of middle east. World looks so different when you have a bigger pic, no? Esp when you come back to ur land and you start finding out some granular differences.

Enjoy your stay at home with the food stuff worth devouring and spirituality worth devoting.

Mukul said...

ahem....On popular demand I have updated my blog...have a look :)

Amita..... said...

Nice card Pooju!!!

Enjoy madi :))

Sara said...

I'm jealous of all who visit India.So you are on my hate-list right now!!

Jungle Mom said...

I hope you can share more about India sometime, maybe fotos?

Anonymous said...

Hello Puju Dear,

Wish you a happy journey to Vaishno Devi and yes, we are eagerly waiting to meet you dear.


pilot-pooja said...

Hi RR,

Nice to hear again from you.
Hope you are doing great.
Please share ur blog link.

Good Day!

pilot-pooja said...

100% agreed Jassi..!

This 1 year onsite has acted a boon for me..
My thinking panorama has been beautifully expanded..
Now i judge less n think more..

When i had left India, i used to think that i am all perfect..the wisdom that nobody is perfect came quite late to me..))

And yah i completely agree that we can comment better when we have a better picture..Every continent has smthing peculiar to distinguish itself from others..I got to respect that!!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks Mukul..
Really happy to see you back..Now waiting for ur India's Journey-part 2!

Jai Hind!!
Always proud to be an Indian!

pilot-pooja said...

Thank you my Best friends Amita n Ruchi..

A zillion thanks for making me a part of ur life..ur heart..ur smile...)
I surely love you infinite..

You r my lucky stars making me feel worthwhile..

My life cld nt have been so sweet without having you in my life..

With all my might, i too want to love my dearies without any shame or pride..

For it is so rare that we meet an share our thoughts with a frd, in whom we can always confide..!

Thank you for giving me strength in the moments not so nice..

For no problem looks real big, when pure love constantly flows thru my frds side...!!!

A very very Belated Happy Women's Day to all my friends n angels!!

Amy, ur post on mother's day surely talks of ur creative mind:

pilot-pooja said...

Thank you so much Sara dear..for making me a part of ur list..I was waiting for this..for this will surely connect me to a wonderful n beautiful soul like you!!

Belated Happy Women's Day!!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks a lot Jungle Mom!
I wil surely try my best!!

please visit this link to have a glimpse of our incredible India:

Belated Happy Women's Day!
Cheers to all of us!!!

HAve a great visit to England!!

Jas said...

oh yup! Belated Happy women's day!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks Jassi..This time cant say "same to you" ..Hope there is something like "Happy Man's Day" sometime!

Amita..... said...

Dear Pooju!!

So sorry for writing such a late reply.. but, I know you ll always forgive my mistakes :)

And zillion thanks for such sweet words :)) True, very rarely we meet people with whom our frequency matches, in whom we can confide and on whom we can count on anytime!! I surely feel blessed to have you as my friend... Who knew that one day we will become best friends even if we do not meet for last 4 years... Long live our friendship.......

Thank you very much my friend..... Love you... Hope to meet you soon.........

pilot-pooja said...

Our love will always be overflowing n two-way my dearest Amy..
God bless all the great frds on earth!!

Pushpender said...

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