Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Speaking Tree

I've grown up reading "The Speaking Tree" column in the Indian Express.
It has taught me the essence of giving n sharing...for it beautifully embraces in it the virtues reqd by all to survive happily..and help us develop an attitude of gratitude for all the mercy of the Great God on us, eventually leading to catharsis.

Last weekend, i happened to attend one of my distant relatives place..i was so moved to see their love n affection for their paralysed dog..When i asked dear uncle, he told me that it was 15 days old when we brought it to our touching..

I guess problems in life are inevitable..but how we deal with them determines our altitude..a positive attitude towards them will surely lead to tapping of our full potential..

I received a forward from an astrologer, Jenna where she has metaphorically explained what tapping of incredible potential means:

Imagine a person who has never known any modern technology (for example someone living in the heart of a dense jungle). One day this person is given a radio tuned in to a very precise radio station and he finds it suddenly extraordinary to be able to listen to music through what is essentially a small box.

He is told that to listen to this music he need only press the 'on' button without having to do anything else to listen to this music. This person thinks this radio is a wonderful invention and then spends a number of years listening to this radio and to the same program as the radio stays on the same station all of the time.

And then one day someone else comes along and shows him that there are a multitude of other stations and frequencies to listen to with many other programs that can be as interesting as the first....

We all are in the position of this person and our potential can be compared to this radio. Our potential is not yet fully exploited and we are not yet aware of certain of your hidden talents. ..

My princess charming ( my 7 year old niece) was covering her school notebook..i felt so happy reading the " Points to Remember" section on the back side of the cover, i'm sure it will serve as a sweet flashback for all my dear blogging frds:

1. Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him.

2. It is education that forms the common mind just as the twig is bent the tree is inclined.

3. Education relations make the strongest tie.

4. Education has for its object the formation of character.

5. The treasure of education is greater than all other treasure of the world.

6. The relationship between student and teacher is just like a son and father.

7. Those people are never alone who have healthy thinking.

I just realised that with my recent posts, i've started sounding like an 80 yr old preaching aunt.-:D...but i really cant help myself, these small small events move me so much!

Hey but that can't be...Some of my wisdom teeth are still coming..

I found some tips to keep our teeth healthy at the dentist's place:

1. Brush twice a day.

2. Floss regularly to prevent tooth decay.

3. Use flouride Rinse method to strengthen the outer enamel of the teeth.

4. Try to avoid Soda and cola like drinks, to be replaced by milk, water and juices.

5. Avoid chewing tobacco and smoking.

6. Avoid alcohol, it has the risk of developing cancer in mouth.

7. Healthy diet consumption.

8. Visit a dentist at least twice an year..

I've been surely following the last point to a great extent..)


Mukul said...

thanks a lot and nice post again..I think I will begin subscribing to you posts..I really like the stuff you write besides it is also a radio station for me ( ok thatz what got me addicted to your site,how did you do it by the way ? )..hey i have updated my blog with my travel travails.

take care

pilot-pooja said...

I just read that..very nice n informative for all the travellers!

Thanks for ur kind words!
Just click on "Create a playlist" it will take you to the playlist link..they have a huge database, just pick ur favorites!
Good Luck!
Update me when u r done with ur customized playlist!

Shantanu Goel said...

and I finally went to a dentist, for the first time in my life. Thankfully, nothing bad turned out but I hope to follow that 8th point as well from now on..

Aftab Ahmad said...

Thanks Pooja for the comments at my blog. if you dont mind i want to remind you the speaking tree is part of The Times of India.

Thanks again

pilot-pooja said...

Cool Shantz..i hope the trend continues safe..!!

Oh many thanks Aftab..After i posted it i too realised it myself..I had been reading both The Indian Express & The Speaking Tree in TOI ..So sorry for the wrong mix:.D))

Jungle Mom said...

I don't do dentist well! My grandmother is Cherokee and we do not numb easily and have more roots to our molars and...I'd rather have a baby with out meds, which I did, than have a tooth worked on!!! really!!!!

pilot-pooja said...

oh this is sad to know dear Jungle Mom..Even i find the dental pain too killing, but stil by God's grace i can bear that!