Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Amita!!!

One fine day i heard a voice,

My angel's birthday was coming from all sides...

I packed my bags, was all set to leave for my friends house..

I cried in excitement, my joy knew no bounds...

I stumbled on the way, bruised my feet..

Thought of taking a nap on the soft grass of wheat...

I got up late..was shocked to see i missed the train..

But my heart was heart still vibrated the same..

With all my mind, i found an easy way to her house..

I prayed to God and pressed the mercy bell in the church town..

Oh God i realized something great..

I missed the gift at the place i slept..

I cried till my tears found no place to go..

Walking fast, there I saw my friend on the door..

She was in a frock dressed in shades of purple and blue,

She kissed me and invited me to her venue so loving and pure..

We cut the cake and sang the bday song..

We danced till 1 at night and shared all that needed to be told..

She showed me her pics,

she looked awesome whatever she tried..

She sprinked in a magic so fragrant and dear,

I thought for a moment was that magic s a symbol of my love for her..

I knew it was time to confess,

With despair on my lips, i started pouring out my fear:

Amy Dear, i have something to say,

I had brought a gift for you, which i lost on the way..

I should have wished you 3 days back,

But i stumbled so many times on my way..

Wish i could cut my heart and show..

Forever in my heart, I cherish your love ..

You are my sweetest angel this life could ever give to me,

I adore this friendship very much like i adore God..

Please be my friend howsoever forgetful & bad i might be..

For you are one of the beautiful souls, i always wish to be connected with..

Amy cried in pain and wiped off my tears..

She embraced me with all her love and told me the truth..

"You are my rose, just like I am yours..

Our heart chords have a connection, forever strengthened by love and hope..!

This friendship started centuries back,.. gonna stay for many more years to come,

Live every moment that God gave & believe in the magic of frdship as long as you live.."

Hearing such sweet words from Amy’s mouth..

I was relieved and opened my eyes....

There I saw, it was time to leave for the office..

Amy Dear, I wished you Happy Bday in my dreams..

Hope you have moments ahead full of life..

May God bless you this year everything you have wished and worked for..!!!

Belated Happy Birthday my Amy!!


Pilot-Pooja said...

This poem has so many grammatical miss...

But i created this on the spot..could have been better, but i just wish i had more of time !!!

Amita..... said...

Dear Pooja,

Thank you sooooo much for this sweetest, loveliest wishing :))

This has surely brought a million dollar smile on my face :)))

Dear, I am falling short of words to express how glad I am to see this poem...!!

Indeed, true friendship cannot be confined with time and distance... It's eternal and a precious gift that makes the life worthwhile to live!!

Loooonnnnngggggg Live our Friendship.........AMEN !!!!

Love you Always my Sweet Friend...

Happiness Always,

Pilot-Pooja said...

I love you too a lot Amy!

Mukul said...

Amita is really lucky....I envy her...anyways a really beautiful composition.

Jungle Mom said...

Lovely from the heart. My computer has been in the shop and I have not been able to read yours for awhile. Trust you are well.

Jas said...

That was an amazing composition Pooja! The thread was so connected in story I could see you stumbling, sleeping, missing train and the bdday celebrations! vibrantly vivid!
And Amita in case u are reading this, a bow to you, friendship isnt one way magic. Smthin in both of you have made this beautiful bond, hope u will be glad she missed ur bdday and came out with her expressions like this :)

Pilot-Pooja said...

Hey Buddy Mukul,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to wish you on the D-day..(

Why do i do this most of the times..(

Friends are jewels who lighten our days,
The days they are born are surely the lucky days,
For they give us the chance to let them know,
How happy our life is when a friend cares for you,
Wish Mukul has a year ahead full of life,
That is fragrant and dear with every passing tide,
For cancerians like you make this earth surely a better place to live in!

Belated Happy Birthday Mukul!!

Hope the Almighty showers you with every possible joy!!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thank you so much Jungle Mom..

Many Many happy returns to you and Sir on your 25th anniversary.

Wish the Lord Jesus showers all His mercy on the wonderful couple!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks a ton again Jas..

I was happy to hear you liked it, i feel blessed to have wonderful friends re-connected via!!

Mukul said...

Hey Pooja,
You are really sweet !!! Well I wish I could say you forgot again and again....but actually You were the first person who wished me :) check out my scrapbook. You are on top. So thanks a lot again and thanks for the beautiful poem. What are you doing in this technical world ?? I picture you seated near a small quite lake composing sweet poems

Amita..... said...

Hi Jas,

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment :)

Yes, as I said in my previous comment, this poem has gifted me with one of those unforgettable sweet memories in life :))

Thank you so much Pooju !! I am so lucky to have you as a friend !

Happiness Always