Monday, June 09, 2008

I Care for You!

My company, Aricent recently organised an employment survey, which was outsourced to the Gallup consulting company.

The best part about this survey was the way steps were taken to enhance the current scenario, which highly encouraged employee participation at every step.

Action items were given to the dissatisfed workers rather than their managers..)

I owed the responsibilty of coming up with a questionaire, which would help in figuring out how much our company cares for us and vice versa.

Please have a look at the questionaire framed by me, suggestions from my dear blogging friends are more than welcome!!!

Performance Rating Index:
1: Completely Agree 2: Agree 3: Neutral 4: Disagree 5: Completely Disagree

a) My workplace cares for me:


Immediate help is provided in case of improper and unsafe PC/LAN wiring connections.

I experience value for money while consuming the food supplied in the cafeteria.

House-keeping services are adequately available over the working weekend, without any botheration at the employee’s end.

Enough recreation opportunities are provided after the project completion.

My visitors are treated nicely within the allowed office premises.

No forceful donations are deducted from my salary, in case I am unable to contribute for an employee in an urgent monetary need.

The ATM services for all the leading banks are evenly spread across all the company premises, also there is sufficient cash to withdraw at any point of time.

There is a separate smoking zone for smokers and action is taken against defaulters, also proper measures are taken to prevent fire breakage.

Proper lighting arrangements and temperature control services are provided on a regular basis.

In case of an unforeseen emergency, my team mates are ready to provide me immediate possible help and empathize with me till the situation is back to normal.

b) I care for my workplace:

I actively participate in the company wide surveys.

I ensure that I take only the desired quantity of food in my plate in the cafeteria with the least possible leftovers.

I try my best to create a friendly environment for the new joinee in my team.

I understand that the cab services are solely for the official use, not to be misused for non-official commuting purposes.

I shut down my PC over the non-working weekend to contribute towards having less electricity cuts.

I actively participate in the social events like blood donation camps, aimed at fulfilling social obligations of the company towards the society.

I understand that the internet usage is mainly aimed at providing project related help and should not be misused beyond the agreed company-wide limit.

I understand that timesheets should be regularly submitted as they are directly linked to the project’s financial and performance statistics.

I follow the proper code of conduct while dealing with Aricent employees like my project members, security personal, bus drivers and cafeteria staff.

In case of change of work-place, I ensure that I inform/handover the drawer keys/lab access
cards to the plot secretary, and do not leave any personal belongings.

Would love to hear some more points from my blogging friends..

Hope they are able to correlate their situation with some instances quoted here !!


Anonymous said...

some suggestions from my side:

1)Reversing the question set might get more realistic replies . Start with ‘I care for my workplace’ question set followed by ‘My workplace cares for me’. While answering ‘I care for my workplace’ ppl will mellow down their expectations from the company and will be less critical and more true while answering the other set.
2) Start with simple questions and then move to relativly difficult ones. Ex a9 and a5 could be the starting questions for set ‘a’.
Questions whose answers are not quantitative and are mere viewpoints like a7, a10, a3 etc could be at the end.

Keep the good work going.


Mukul said...

Hi, how many questions did you guys have in complete survey and I am guessing you are a manager with a decent sized team to work with , right ?

About the questions ,your questions are short and to the point, which is what you need to grab attention, but the number of questions could well be 50-60 if ou try to cover every aspect.

Also the second part "I care for my workplace:", I don't know how guys in your firm felt, but I think a really small percentage might have been little unhappy with it.

Sandy said...

Hey Pooja! Nice work!

My only concern is people are not upset with the workplace - its actually the work-culture, or to be precise, how the middle management attends to your concerns.

Forceful deductions - the finance always sucks ;)

The questions touch the base good, but then leave a lot to be explored. I suggest adding more questions, or a remark column after some questions - where in people can leave their particular experiences.

But, Sandy is Sandy - so getting back in my skin - I am skeptical of all these activities in a workplace, they are just a camouflage for sleeping middle management. If you were to ask them what %age target of issues, that come out of this survey, would they want to address in the next 6 months - I am sure they won't have an answer. They didn't had an answer in my case!!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Hey PD, wonderful suggestions.
Many thanks for reading my points.!

My apologies friends for replying late..overloaded with work these days!

Wil surely get back soon!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Hey Mukul...i was all smiles reading ur comment..

Wish it was true..)

The real survey had many questions, crossing 100 i guess, filled company wide..

I as a dissatisfied, senior software engineer was asked by my manager to come up with a questionaire which reflects the areas i am upset about!!!!

You r so right..there are many questions in the 2nd part which can raise eyebrows!!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Sandy, thank you so much for liking my effort!!

You r right, things can be handled much better by we the employees, middle mgmt and the top notch..

I was just given a small homework by my manager as i explained above..

The good part was that in the meeting i got pretty good appreciation, but the mgmt decided that these areas are currently out of scope n will be dealt later by some other authority..)

Sandy said...

As I pointed out, the management can never come up with an answer. Out of scope - for it could involve costs ;)

Kudos to you my friend for all the appreciation you received!!!

Sara said...

Yes Pooja, I've been through such surveys and they are just an eyewash..and before filling in such questionnaires we were also subject to a presentation about all the good things in the company..lest we forget!!

Mukul said...

Well if it's not true now, hope it becomes true soon :)