Monday, August 11, 2008

..# The Illusions of my mind ..^ ''

My sketch looks so dark,
Have i lost the love for my art ?
My big eyes appear so empty,
Have i become so indifferent to the sufferings of this humanity ?
My mind sounds so dull,
Is no science bright enough to lit my skull ?
My tongue weighs not even a pound,
Is no syllable powerful enough to produce something that sounds ?
My toes can trace no path,
Have i forgotten all my goals that urge me to move far & far ?
Still my hands like a puppet shake to an fro,
When will the ball of desires stop rolling in these unending rows ?
Oh Divine, give me the essence of life...
Let me take a step to end everyone's miseries in this human tie !
For my soul when connected to yours,
Finds no charm in the unpredictable breaths that each life throws..
Oh Holy God, i submit me to you!
For my wheel of life be guided by no one else but you!!


Soulmate said...

I somehow liked this. something which makes me ponder over.

Jungle Mom said...

A very soulful prayer!
Hello from Paraguay!

Sandy said...

Very thought-provoking and inspiring. Awesome!!

Amita..... said...

Hi Pooju!

The picture in the blog that you have put is just awesome!!! Hats off to the artist!

And I really liked the beginning of the poem.. a lot!! But, I do not understand why would you relate it to God towards the end?? I mean, why you want your life to be guided by God??
I feel that God has given us a chance to live the life and we should live it by ourself! I know that we will need God's blessings at certain times but whatever we do comes only if we try!
you getting my point?

Pilot-Pooja said...

Hey friends,

Thanks a ton again for the encouraging words!

Amy dear, i am surely getting your point that God will help me more when i will properly guide myself in the right spirit!

It so happened that i attended a training which aimed at bringing us closer to our sub-conscious flaws.

After attending the training, i realized that i am so selfish. I am always surrounded by desires, wishes, self-concerns..

I wished to connect to God to help me develop a heart which beats for others, the one that can convert me from a selfish to a noble soul..

But yes, i have surely understood your point, i need to devise an action plan if this wish of mine is real critical to me, merely praying wont help -:)

Jas said...

some really nice pennings, did u sketch that pic too?

Pilot-Pooja said...

No Jas, the pic was captured from the net!

I must admit it has added a lot to the theme!

Miles Waiting said...

o wow !!!