Thursday, September 04, 2008

When i met my Soul!

Sometimes opportunites just come to you, without you doing any initial efforts, but yes somewhere your sub-conscious surely did a true prayer for the same!!

The same happened to me 2 weeks back, when my manager all of a sudden came to me and asked me to take some trainings, as there was a temporary crunch with trainers in the learning department!

My life was going a little monotonous with the same kind of work with mobiles, BTS, BSC, MSC in the same old laboratory..

I immediately said "YESSSSSSSSSS" as soon as i heard the word 'training'.

Later she told me that you are supposed to take some sessions for immediate college pass outs who joined Aricent recently, in varied areas of Operating Systems, alias OS!

Now there is nothing to hide, i hardly studied real hard in my college days except during my GATE entrance.......and "OS topics" was something i had heard last from my computer science hostel mates during their exam times..

Oh God, i cant recall what triggered me after that, everything else looked secondary to me..

I stopped cooking time consuming things, library became my favorite place..

I started visited the big training halls where i was supposed to deliver ..

Had a glimpse of the gang of 45 freshers whom i had to teach, later i found that they were 40 guys and 5 girls, hailing from places all over India!!

I had one more reason to be happy...I started scratching my brain for my technical blog!

In between i encountered cold, viral, hectic office hours, family meetings..but nothing could stop me!

I realized that i had found something as passionate about blogging..!!

Finally the D-day came, i was way toooooooo nervous...very much like when i had my first day in school, college, office!!

I reached the venue an hour before..)
I took some rounds inside the hall and gained all the confidence i wanted at that point of me..

Slowly trainess started pouring in!!
They were not at all punctual, i realized that i will have to be strict..

I had done lot of mind mapping before to ensure that i know what exactly i have to cover when & where without using any reading material..

I offered them to ask me as many questions as possible and trust me, they bombarded me with questions from all possible areas......

1st session went well and i was surely on cloud nine.....MY happiness knew no bounds.///////

That happpiness was surely mine....

Rest 3 sessions, i was quite cool, but i was strict, and i feel the trainees dint like it at all..

Infact in the session 4, one of them literally stood up and asked me:

"Is there any possibility of getting our trainer changed"...

God surely listened to their prayers... Their internal trainer was back from holidays and i was back to my same lab work.....

But life gave me so much in those 4 sessions..

I realized the true value of being a great academecian!!

And no wonder, today is 5th September!

I heartily want to thank all my school, college teachers & office trainers who have time to time infused so much valuable knowledge in me ...

I bow to you with all my heart.....

Thanks for your immaculate support!

Those 4 sessions made me feel as if i met my soul!!

Something that was so pure, a complete integration of body, mind and heart..something that i had yearned for in the beginning of this year..

Those moments will stay fresh in my heart forever...

They gave me the real answer to my question that why did i have to leave Duesseldorf and come back to India!!

Yes, i came back to give back to the society who gave me so much during my budding years..

Those moments were surely the best moment in my life till date... Amen!!

I am wondering what will i have to say when one fine day my parents will introduce me to my better half..)

When we'll walk hand in hand,

On that steep mountain land!

When life will have only one aim,

To give you every joy and keep on pouring the same!

When my tiny heart will be yours,

And Heaven will be right in front of our doors!

When i will not judge a soul but understand,

How the stones in this human life, take away the much needed warmth!

How elated the smiling princess will be,

When she will meet her prince charming coming on a white horse!!


vibhu said...

"Infact in the session 4, one of them literally stood up and asked me:

"Is there any possibility of getting our trainer changed"..."

Your blog after this became a bit unclear to me. At this point, I think you are saying that the people there were not happy with your behavior or you teaching aptitude ??

Not really clear.

Shantanu Goel said...

Divya says Happy Teachers' Day Ma'am :)

Sara said...

Operating System..that was going back to basics and that is not easy.Hats off to you for surviving 4 sessions and that too with the fresher minds,which are bursting to show off what they hold!!

Amita..... said...

The poem at the end is lovely Pooju!!!

I wish you meet your prince charming very soon :)

Love you and Miss you...