Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Birds

One bird sings,
Other bird listens,

One bird eats,
Other bird cooks,

One bird meditates,
Other bird grants,

One bird dances,
Other bird's flute plays,

One bird runs,
Other bird happily follows,

One bird loves,
Other bird reciprocates,

My heart calls one bird Shree Radhe,
My heart calls other bird Shree Krishna,

May the eternal birds be served by my mind, body and heart forever!


Sunil said...


Sunil Kumar said...

Simplicity at its best.. Awesome compilation Pooja!!

Renu said...

Beautiful..the picture and the words.

Ankur Gupta said...

Imagination & composition at it's best !!

I think this composition can be added to one of the best Radhe-Krishna add your copyright :)


really beautiful.. i loved the way u structured it.. :)

Anonymous said...

Your skills are extra ordinary. Pardon me, but am gonna pick first few lines to impress my guy. May be someday he will realise my feelings. Wish me luck please.