Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kaale Chane vs Soaked Chane

Everyone in India must have had Kaale Chane in last 2-3 days as parshaad served on Ashtmi.

I was going a little busy with my packing stuff...( was never so enthusiastic abt it, but now tht I have got my tickets, gotta do this at the highest priority)).., so happened to have kaale chane today only in my dinner!

Was restraining myself quite high not to blog, till I spend my last days of this year in my home, but just could not stop myself after I found a thought over "Chane" pinging me constantly..

Let me create some background for the Y of "X v/s Y"..

Y stands for "Soaked Chane"..

There is a guy in my cubicle. I guess, he joined my company in july-Aug last year.
Cubicle mates often develop the habit of sharing food items with each other. While I often share some chips, when i tend to stay late..

With chips I remember, my Aunty Uncle from Karnal have recently lauched their snacks product "Max n Richie" in the Northern region..In case you happen to like them, plz help me to convey this msg to them..

Married people in my cubicle are often seen sharing fruits..
A guy from Rajasthan often shares good thoughts..He even offered to gift me "Geeta" a few months back..

There is a girl in my cubicle, Neha, who so often shares her beautiful smile and soft spoken words..
Well, you must be wondering how many people are there in my cubicle.. well 5 + 2(extnded.. cubiclemates also bhai bhai)

Well, the last to mention, this guy Amit..has a habit of sharing Chane..soaked chane to be precise..
And i just cant express how elated i feel from inside, when he offers me the same..

Now after my prologue introducing X and Y is done..let me share the thought that is troubling me..
For almost every task that we want to accomplish, say buying an electronic gadget, a good house, finding your life partner, reading a chapter of a book..there are always two aspects..

The first aspect which maps to Kaale Chane, wants to highlight the time frame in which we define the beginning and end of the task..

The second one which maps to Soaked Chane, talks about the unending depth which we want to unveil before we come up with a "YES" or "NO" from the bottom of our heart..

now let us try to link some of the practical experiences in our daily lives with going through this contrast of X and Y...
It reminds me of all the chemical and mathematical theories we used to study and later used to solve some numerical questions, based on them..

Like when we used to prepare for our pre-engineering, pre-medical entrance tests..we often gave a set amount of hours to each subject..and at the end, I always used to feel that I am the best in the initial chapters of every book..
Like the "Quadratic equations" ..I had even come up with a formula of mine..
The Periodic table in Chemistry.....I knew the whole of it..all the symbols, their atomic number, atomic weight....everything...

In Physics, I was good at nothing..and I am still the same..Wish I get married to a guy who is really good at Physics..and would love to teach me so many of its fundamentals, with lot of patience of course!!!

I have recently bought Sony Vaio laptop for myself...again going through so many available options and finally going for a one in a pre-decided time frame..

I am just so happy to have this electronic gadget in my life..
Thank you, Jiju..for helping me make the right choice..

I feel so good using it or seeing my family members playing games on its 15.4 inch wide screen and when i play some mp3's on it ..

I feel so happy to see so many of my gadgets from Sony: Sony Discman ESP2, Sony audio Player,my Sony Ericsson W700i cell phone and the latest being my Sony Vaio Laptop.

But at the same time, I failed to foresee all the problems i'll have to face considering the fact that Sony products aren't the most popular..
Like my cell phone has other than symbian operating system..Initially, I had problems transferring files from Nokia phones.

My Sony Vaio laptop has got the latest versions of almost all of the softwares..
I typed a word doc. yest in MS word 7.0 and wanted its printout..I was quite unsuccessful in that..even renaming .docx extn to .doc extn did not work..I will have to work more on learning how to ensure backward compatibility for sure..

with the renaming fundaa, i remember a very very weird thing, i have done in my college times..
In my dreams, i imagined that some of my electronics batchmates are in a meeting, sitting around an oval table..and in front of me was a girl..For some reason, i had not liked the girl, so in my dreams, i right clicked on her, selected "delete" option iin the pop up menu...and made her vanish all of a sudden in the meeting..
Al this happened in a dream only..but i can never forget this weird thought of mine..

I dont want to write so please apply this theorem to arranged v/s love marriages as well..
Yest night, I was watching Fanaa movie and was quite shocked to see the end...
again, in anticipation that my readers will apply the same theorem to this movie, i am attaching two counterpointing scenes of the movie:


Amit Mittal said...

This post was something i could not understand, may be this idea of two aspects infact having a choice is too alien to me...n yes i shall write about some "sweet" dreams very soon keep visiting...:-)

pilot-pooja said...

@Amit Mittal:
I will mention one more example to make the picture clear!

and Yah, i have a fair good idea about THEEEEEEEEEE good news associated with those sweet dreams..Hope you make it public soon, so that others can start pouring their good wishes!

Sunil said...


I like your ideas and analogies. The blog lost a bit of direction in the end...however keep up the good work.Your blogs show inherent intelligence in you..I guess PEC Electronics waale aise hi hote hein..wink wink :)


pilot-pooja said...

Hi Jiju!!

Great Welcome again to my Blog!
Thank You so much for making my day!
Jiju, You are 100% right..
I was in a rush to finish this post in the morning... did not make any effort to explain things at the end..

will surely improve upon this in my next post, as my 2007's big target is to finish tasks with the same elan as i exhibit in its beginning.

Good Day!

Amit Mittal said...

Hmmm...With all due respect to your efforts to make it clear , i am still confused, i mean weren't you trying to say some thing about choices intially and than you switched to your room occupied more by sony than you :-)
anyways, your dreams are no less weird heheh, deleting a girl by right click huh !!!
oh and btw, i have already made it public so you can send me bouquets now...:-)

Amita said...

i read ur blog... u r a SONY gal it seems :)