Friday, August 10, 2007

CRY...Child Relief and You!!

I had donated a mere amount of INR 1200 last year.

And just checked my inbox after a gap..

I have received a thanks mail from CRY...
want to share it with all!!


Dear Friend,
It has been a while since we, CRY and you, worked together, in support of child rights. The reason I write to you today is to share with you how some of the work we were involved in together, has now become a significant symbol of change. For us, at CRY, it is very encouraging to see how steadfast support can help the marginalized find their voice and walk towards a better tomorrow, one that will last forever.
Your support in the past has helped CRY - Child Rights and You to make choices that uphold children's rights; work with grassroots initiatives that question age old biases of caste and gender and include children and parents in decisions that affect their joint future. All this, to bring about a lasting change in the life of over 1.5 million children across 18 states in India, including Latur in Maharshtra.
A coummunity living in one of the most backward areas of Maharashtra, was in a constant struggle for survival. Little wonder then, the children in this part of Latur district were denied their basic rights to education, health and a normal childhood. They were forced to work to supplement the family income and to carry out household chores. CRY together with Kalapandari Magasvargiya and Adivasi Gramin Vikas Sanstha (KMAGVS) helped to change all that.
KMAGVS rightfully addressed the root causes - livelihood issues faced by parents and the state's apathy. Efforts were made to:
Help the community see the link between child rights violations and the larger issues of livelihood and traditional biases. CRY supported them in campaigns and programmes that mobilized the community, enabling awareness and state intervention.
Ensure every child's right to development, 100% education and access to health services across 65 villages.CRY therefore:
Helped in funding the non-formal education centres and the pre-primary centers that bridged the gap till formal state run schools could be started.
Facilitated training to ensure accountability and effectiveness of the programme.
Introduced KMAGVS to other like minded NGO's thus enabling the sharing of experiences, learnings and providing a platform to take local issues at the state and national level.
The results were no doubt encouraging.
Children were enrolled and encouraged to attend 5 newly activated government schools.
Grants were passed for 3 additional schools. 10 more teachers joined and 4 classrooms as well as toilets were constructed.
6 primary health centers were activated and all newborns immunized.
7 panchayats actively participated in a campaign against child labour.
All 65 villages were covered in a campaign against child marriage.
Collective farming has now been initiated to enhance the economic status.
Needless to say, we would not have been able to achieve much without your assistance. Yet, there are many communities in Maharashtra and India that need to see a future which upholds their dignity and holds a promise of change. We look forward to your steadfast support. Together, we can ensure that every child is restored the rights that we, as a society and the ones who elect the government owe him or her.
With faith and goodwill,Irwin FernandesRegional Director - West
p.s. For more information you can email Ms. Farida Topiwalla at or call her at (022) 23096222.
Please feel free to forward it to a friend. If they would like to receive it directly, they will have to register on our site.

This is just so lovely!
I want to donate more..
I want to do something meaningful in life..
And CRY is surely one of the Best platforms!!

Love You GOD!!!
Love you CRY!!!!!
Their 'what you can do' column says:
Give a thought.
Give a shoulder.
Give anything you can to this movement for child rights.
And most of all give up your indifference.

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Amit Mittal said...

I was the member of CRY during my IIT days, it's a grt organization to be a part of...