Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grandmothers live forever!

I've been knowingly away from blogging world for a long time, not because my work load has become huge all of a sudden; but i guess because my interests are changing, my attitude towards office work is changing and above all my reason for starting blogging has now completely dissolved..!

I started blogging to test myself how far i can traverse in this blogosphere, how much diverse hit count i will be able to manage without thinking much about the quality of my posts.. though somewhere in between i evolved; to be perhaps better, more open and more acceptive of things happening around me!!

Perhaps 2009 is the year i had been waiting for all through my life; as one mythological calendar also says: 2009 is the year of change for one and all!

And i can surely feel it; for 9 is the most magical numerical digit ; and this happens to be my birth-date too....he he what am i doing in this telecom sector, i should be a numerologist :-)

I was browsing through Reader's Digest in the office library when i came across a heart-rending article on grandmother..

There and then i decided to post something for my beloved Dadi ( paternal grandmother).

She died when i was in my 8th Std. My heart knows how much she is in my thoughts even till this date!

She taught me a lot many things; how important it is in life to love yourself even when others dont believe in you.

I still remember how she would talk so nicely to almost everyone, even with strangers.

She always believed in being prepared and geared up for worst case scenarios.

Not that i did not have disagreements with her, rather it was a daily affair, i would be upset with her almost every day; but she always wanted me to open up, discuss and re-unite.

She taught me one of the beautiful essence of life: life around you will never be perfect, but if you keep on waiting for the right moment, then things will only worsen!

On the contrary, ray of satisfaction and hope will touch you faster if you apply mind in minutest of things that you do!

How i loved combing her hair, managing her wardrobe and applying moisturiser on her hands; when today i look at my hands, i think of her.

In her last days i was totally upset with her; why she would not walk with me, spend time with me or do things according to my convenience. Little did i know the concept of getting old and how weak it often leaves the body, mind and soul!

She gave me a great gift, my father!

It never occurred to me that i should have thanked her for that..but then i fully believe now that just like mothers, grandmothers live forever in their childrens' hearts!!

And with utmost equal love and admiration, i bow to my sooo beautiful and toooo loving Nanny (maternal grandmother) who though quite old, still loves me more than my mother :-)

I miss you Dadi, i miss you too much!
Perhaps i will complete with you when i'll myself become a Dadi..!

And before it's too late, i wish everyone a hhhhhhhhhaapppyy, prosperous, joyous, marvellous, mind-blowing and successful 2009!

May this year leaves you with the most peaceful, accomplished and satisfying mind!!

May your appetite for success, love, happiness & peace touch the skies!

Loads of Good Luck in this new venture!!


Amita..... said...

A very very happy new year Pooja!!!

I wish that this new year 2009 grant you with more success, happiness and laughter!!

Happiness always,

Amita..... said...

And I look forward to great posts in the new year!


Pilot-Pooja said...

Many thanks friends for your well wishes!

I wish the best of happiness for every living entity in this world!

Mukul said...

A very happy new year to you pooja...i know it is a little late :)

Amit Mittal said...

Long Time , for me also, your post has left a little lump in my throat, i too shared a similar relationship with my Grandmaa, who is no more now. I think all grand mothers are same, likable, lovable, and respectable.