Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She meets life!

Gift her luck, she will shine,
Gift her clarity, she will smile!

Gift her thoughtful fodder, she will write,
Gift her emotional wings, she will fly!

Gift her challenge, she will drive,
Gift her exclusions, she will unite!

But for heaven's sake, understand her formidable plight,
Don't throw on her confusion, for she may lie!

Let not her hope be ever taken away, she will surely die,
For the heart of a female too needs soothing love in situations not so bright!!


Amita..... said...

Awesome Pooja !!

Keep writing!!

Happiness always,

Sandy said...

Simply nice!!! Your lines made me think a lot.

Keep Walking,
~ Sandy

Sara said...

The gift of love is the greatest..great one,Pooja!!

workhard said...

Thats nice writing...