Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Engaged Voter!

In the inner silence that i live in,

I live many a thousand billion dreams.

I see people varyingly rich & poor,

Rich by arrogance & miser as a giver.

Vicious smiles are exchanged so fast,

Insane deeds also happen equally vast.

Amazing vividity that my country displays,

I see myself miles far behind the real display.

People bring sorrowful happiness to other's life,

Keep on repenting at their past errors times infiinte.

Lets clean this poison all down the drain,

Hoping innovation and peace be restored in our brain.

Democracy is every Indian's right though opted by few

Lets rush to vote for our favorite leader contesting in the queue!

Jai Hind!


Jungle Mom said...

I am sad to say I do not know much of Indian politics.
Just came by to say hello. I have been very busy of late and not been able to get around to read the blogs. I do think of you often as I see you occasionally on my site meter.
Take care!

Sara said...

A great one to inspire all to vote..its a right that should be exercised as a duty.

Zillionbig said...

very well said, kudos