Sunday, August 02, 2009

Physics Mania

Physics had always scared me times infinite in the past, be it the IIT entrance i took a decade back or any physics lab practical i was required to perform without fail!

Logics would not go inside howsoever hard i tried; i remember the 2 great books i used to have; Irodov and H.C. Verma..

Mathematics was an all time favorite and Chemistry somehow looked comprehensible.

Today i try to analyze what role did Physics play in shaping my career..from a non-medical student to a blogger to a telecom engineer!

Like Fountainhead compares a building to a human body; i feel the same link for any system and the physics internally governing it!

Somwhere during my secondary education, i failed to establish that link in my mind; primarily due to my interest in other activities like understanding social systems, english and hindi language and literature and mathematical models.

I dedicate today's post to all those logics of physics whom i could have appreciated better if i had worked in a more planned and efficient manner!

Physics of Light!
Physics gave me a new definition for light..something which is an electromagnetic wave..which can be expressed in formulas like speed of light = wavelength * frequency!
If i had not been gifted with Physics, i would have died thinking of light as something like flourescent light of a tube or the light from a bulb or an irritating situation often faced in developing countries when there is no light!

Physics of Semi-Conductor Devices:

I liked studying analog devices in my college times; surely Physics has taught me how a correctly programed micro chip can do wonders be it a running BTS or a nano wonder called mobile phone!

I had attended 15 days training in 2002 in CSIO Chandigarh which laid emphasis on tracing logic detection similarity between DNA flowing in our blood stream to the diode working inside a chip.

Physics of Mass:

Perhaps this was one area i had started studying from my 7th std in form of Newton's laws of motion; i also made good attempts of solving spring-mass numericals!

In a normal world, i often feel like associating mass with carbohydrates. Einstein also declared mass to be another form of energy with his short and simple equation E=mc(square).

Physics of Temperature:

This was one of my favorites as the formulas were comparatively simpler and examples were interesting!

It was a chapter in physics book which explained me how keeping the refrigerator open for an hour will not turn the room colder!

I loved making solar cooker in my Xth std summer vacations and was equally excited to see that it works!

Physics of Sound:

And though last for today's post ( as i am feeling drenched of energy with all these applications of brain :-) , understanding sound in terms of science was another interesting revelation.

Science taught me that just like light sound is also a wave, which is medium dependant to a great extent. waves are so much like our thoughts, can be standing, constuctive or destructive during interaction! Science taught me something called vacuum, which practically i have never experienced though visualized it while cleaning home with a vacuum cleaner!

I salute all the maestros of Physics!

Let the world of Physics keep on producing ripples in all the budding scientists of today and tomorrow!



Sandy said...

It was a bit surprising to read that someone like you was scared of Physics, for as far as I have known you, you are one who tries to decipher the logic behind everything in life.

BTW - a really nice post that reminds us all of our school days, struggling with Irodov and JEE.

Mukul said...

hmm...blast from past...I never liked Irodov...because despite spending hours I could not solve some problems...but HC verma was nice

hechizos said...

where can I find useful websites about physics? especially physics that deal with engineering

Thank you!!