Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anniversary Terms

I recently came across a chart showing specific names for some wedding anniversary milestones.
It really helps while wishing a couple, here it is:

First:              Paper
Second:         Cotton
Third:             Leather
Fourth:           Fruit and Flower
Fifth:              Wood
Sixth:              Sugar
Seventh:          Woolen
Tenth:             Tin
Twentieth:       China
Thirty-fifth:      Coral
Fortieth:          Ruby
Fifth-fifth:        Emerald
Seventyth:       Platinum
Seventy-fifth:   Diamond, Gold

The nomenclature may vary as per the region. For more information, please refer wikipedia at given link:

Writing poetic verse after long, here is an ode from my side to the great couples we have seen struggling and  moving forward and enjoying together in our lifetimes:

Straight from the mighty heart,
We wish you the best of the best,

Magic bells swaying high,
Crackers touching heights, making galore noise,

Our poetic toasts to a  great couple,
Hoping every moment brings them loads of cheer,

In blissful moods, we see them dancing n enjoying,
Wishing a great year ahead, to the apple of our eyes.


Rup said...

Finally some "Poet-Pooja" back on blog... :) :)

U just dont have amazing vocab but more importantly u know how to use them... I wonder why did u stop writing at the first place...

hope u go on from here... and on.. and on... :)


Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks Rupesh, I have been working hard since school days to improve upon a very bad vocab initially to an average vocab now.

Blogging is surely fun, but it takes you away fromthe primary goals.

Will surely try to manage all well.