Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knock Knock!!

Somebody is knocking at my door/// :: \\\

Trying to find a passage to my heart,

Blood rushing fast through my veins..

Eyes glittering in anticipation,

My mind rushing perplexed to open up my heart..
Like a fish, trying to unleash the hidden shady path..

Suddenly my heart starts pondering..
Is wisdom coming my way.....
Or am I asking for more..

I begged Wisdom to stay with me forever.
Wisdom smiled and said..
"" Hold on !!
Oh lovely child of mine!
It will come with time !..""

After giving me a part of it,
She was bound to disappear. ..
Giving way for another thought to appear..

Is Intelligence knocking my way???
Bending down on my knees,
I started my prayer..
"Oh Mother of knowledge,
dwell in my mind, body and soul forever.."

Mother said!
" Shortcut will lead you nowhere, my dear.
Keep on working hard and hard oh my dear!""

She kissed me on my forehead,
kindled a diva of knowledge in my heart...
merged in it and disappeared........

Perhaps to be back some fine day!
Moving me a step ahead slowly and steadily..

Is fame knocking my way???
Luminous Flux started lighting my path.
Suddenly a beam of light touched my heart..
as if saying!
"oh greedy child of mine....
come out of this illusion, then everything will seem to be fine!"

I rubbed my eyes in this semi twilight,
only to see the beam departing at the speed of light..

my heart started frowning...
with tears seeking their way through my eyes.

With sheer diffidence,I left another thought in my mind--
Is love knocking my way???

With utter disappointment, my angel denied (--
" Love yourself and your surroundings , my sweet child!
Expectations only reduce joy!, Have you forgotten this punchline!!! ""

Seeing no door open,
my heart started outcrying.
Tears rolling down my cheeks,
letting the pessimism in me rise high and high.
Knees crumbling down,

seeing no passage to fly../

Suddenly the beautiful angel inside me..
came running to me and smiled..

touched my shaken soul
and blessed me with a golden advice..

" Come anything my child!!

Let not the HOPE in you ever die!!

Because sooner or later,

It is alwz the man,
who thinks he can,
shines & touches the zenith to everybody's delight!!!!"

Always be +ve in life

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Neera said...

hey Puju,

Feel like gving You a Big Hug.


Nidhi said...

Excellent Poem.I am proud of my sis.