Sunday, December 31, 2006

Do you have what I have ???

Indians are moving fast from "I Have" -> "Me Too" syndrome.

Being a part of this so called "Millenium City - Gurgaon" we often encounter here one mall coming up after another. Lets not talk about city's worsening infrastructure, because we want to be no way less than those starry cities of the US..

In this competitive age, essential services are hardly looked at. I recently bought a branded cell phone, W700i Sony Ericsson.I was so fascinated by all its multimedia features, that I even forgot to check its voice quality. I wasted half of my office day, comparing it with other competitive brands, not to talk of the productivity loss my company bore on my account.

I acclaim myself to be enjoying my work in GSM technologies, but never did I realise how does an emergency call (112) work from a cell phone in case of an inoperating SIM. How does police identify the location area of the needy. Hey did I say Police!!! well Police would not even heed to such a call, forget about the next step..

At times, we indulge so much in an activity/product, that we lose the respect associated with it and derogate the ultimate goal. Everytime you open ur inbox, you find a host of uninvited invitations from matrimonial moderators' to join their group. Public, selling credit cards and life insurance schemes with incoherent promises can be the best stated example. The only objective they have in their mind is to increase their per day sale count, not to worry about the post-purchase consumer dissonance.Who cares, by the time consumer decides to take legal action, they would have joined the competitor, making hue and cry for their own ex-flaws!!

Strategies believing in " cutting other paths to establish their own" look so baseless and unscrupulous. Jet-Sahara merger to separation, unveiled so much about the way many of the leading corporates think and move ahead. Lets also compare it with the more sophisticated possible acquisition of Hutchison Essar by Vodafone. I still fail to understand what went wrong between Yoga champ RamDev and our Union Minister Kapil Sibal, that he took Karat's claim so seriously and charged the former of using human traces in his ayurvedic medicines. How can Sharad Pawar's nomination be sent for a post as demanding as ICC President!!

Isn't it high time, we look back at what is leading to all this confusion and let some innovation enter our daily chores. lets try to bring out the prodigy in each one of us. There are so many breathtaking examples in front of us.The way Narayan Murthy and Sudha Murty have envisioned their dream of INFOSYS, is so inspiring.At the same time, they are giving so much back to society.

The exquisite world created by Harivash Rai Bachchan through his poems still rules in the hearts of Indians. Quoting some lines from his मधुशाला

एक बरस में, एक बार ही जगती होली की ज्वाला,
एक बार ही लगती बाज़ी, जलती दीपों की माला,
दुनियावालों, किन्तु, किसी दिन आ मदिरालय में देखो,
दिन को होली, रात दिवाली, रोज़ मनाती मधुशाला।।२६।

Those in IT field, fully appreciate books by Tannenbaum.They clear reader's concepts so well.

Spiritual Leader "Osho" :

His thoughts are so thoughtful and so touchy. How he urges people to differentiate between Loneliness and Aloneness. While former makes you unsecure, other brings you in a state of internal Bliss.

Recent reality shows also carve out the novel ideas of many, enhancing team spirit as well. Recent victory of couple Tina -Hussain and their choregraphers in Nach-Baliye 2 clearly exemplifies this.

Lets take Hritik Roshan. He shines so well in his home-productions.Reason is very simple. He works at his own pace and in peace with others. This unique combination of innovation and hard work really produces wonders.

Recently, we heard..

IIM-A girl bagging package of 1 crore in some foreign Bank..

Sunita Williams is all set to become the second woman of Indian origin after Kalpana Chawla to blast off on a space mission...

How elated and confident we feel when we hear of such success stories..
Lets all try to give a controlled environment to our mind where it has sufficient time to grow...., unaffected by the unwanted ingredients caught by our 5 senses..Indian minds can produce wonders...
Let us share more and more stories of success of which we are an integral part...

Lets all try to take a journey from Dissonance to Resonance -!-!-!-
Good Luck!

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Ruchi said...

Excellent compilation Dear!!! This Pooja was unknown to me before. Nice to know this new Pooja.

Vineeta said...

Loved reading this serious stuff.
Keep writing.