Friday, January 19, 2007

Jai Sri Sri Peddamma Thalli

New Year 2007 !!!!!!!!

This New Year I have taken a resolution of following up my tasks with the same elan as I often have in the beginning !

As a colleague of mine says, on her last day at Aricent:

Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending...

So going ahead with my resolution, I decided to pay a visit to Hyderabad, the place where my career began.
I tried to experiment with e-ticketing. After browsing through various websites, I decided to book my ticket through My friend readily offered me to use his credit-card and there I was, saving a lot of money by booking air tickets online, unlike via a travel agent. .

I decided to travel via AIR Deccan airways this time. Had heard a lot about AIR Deccan, so wanted to xperience it in person.
I must say it aptly suits the economy class of India, and is sure to rise higher. Their customer service is good, provide snacks at a reasonable rate and the overall crowd is also nice. And above all, touches so many corners of India.

But Yes, when recommending airlines to foreigners, there are many issues. They don't provide good reading stuff, not even daily newspapers.Their flights often get delayed, though they somehow claim 98% accuracy....??????
There is no fixed seat arrangement there, first come first serve...I was utterly butterly amazed to see people running towards the air craft after stepping down from the air bus to get a window seat....Hunn...That makes this airline truly Indian, isn't it!!

My joy knew no bounds when I reached Hyderabad. I decided to take an auto to reach my destination. Oh !!!!!!!!!! How cheerful I was seeing those wide roads of Hyd again. Those clean roads, not like here in NCR where people won't think twice before dropping half burnt cigarette stubs in nearby green pastors.

There were BIG posters wishing leaders, filmstars on their bdays.. so typical of Andhra.. So less traffic jam there..I had paid a big amount of 190 rupees to the auto guy, so was presuming to reach my destination after an hour or so.. But there I was, reaching my destination in just 20 minutes...

Yes, here I am, though the entrance of the Holy Shrine......And would love to visit this place as often I can.....
The last time I had visited a Holy place was somewhere In June '04 when I accompanied my Friend's Family to visit LORD SHIRDI~~~

and my next visit in Jan '07 to Sri Sri Peddamma Temple in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad...

My eyes or should I say my heart was filled with rejoice, when I stood at the entrance gate...looked more like a sweet dream coming true for me....seeing me again at the door which I had visited so frequently during my 3 month stay in Hyd in 2003.

The Temple is exquisitely beautiful......I guess almost all of the South Indian Temples are so beautifully carved and embellished..

I could feel the aura of Maa Peddamma's love for everyone..especially for me..I was a cherished guest for people there..Devotees were so cordial and receptive. I had always loved to buy a big garland for the Deity....or should I say mother...for She has alwz loved and cared for me like my own mother....

I got some flowers, green bangles and coconut as parshaad.
A sacred lady applied tilak on my forehead..and somebody tied red sacred thread on my right arm. I even bought an audio cassette in telgu, though I cant understand much, but i do enjoy the beats...

A sense of achievement, pride and happiness filled my heart after I realised that my visit to the temple has been very successful..
I still had 2 hours in my hands, so I decided to spend some time in shopping for pearls. Ever since I have stayed in Hyd, my craving for pearl jewellery has been ever increasing. I bought some wonderful jewellery for myself, my sister and my friend from Mangat Rai Jewellers..

ard 4:00 pm, I was back at the catch my return flight to Delhi at 5:20....And at 7:30, my plane landed at the Delhi airport....And my dearest papa came again to take his child back to home..

Mumma liked my shopping..My friend liked my gift so much..and I realized that the joy of giving is tremendous....especially to somebody who has already given you so much in so many aspects..

The memory of this short trip to Hyd is so special in rejuvenating and refreshing...
It reminds me of our school prayer:

" Oh GOD!
ever watchful over me.
Keep my thoughts away from evil..
Let not my acts be evilful.
Watch the door of my lips, so that I may not not tell a lie.
Grant me strength to keep my temper cool."

I don't remember the end..

But yes.....
""Oh God!
Oh Mother!
please stay in my heart forever.. .

For You only give meaning to
my life,
my actions,
my goals ..
my education,
& to all the thoughts
that I have perceived in my alma mater""

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Nidhi said...

good but this time because of too lenghty one effect was lesser. But correct words used to give the right impact.

panki said...

I must say Pooja: I am impressed.