Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Destructive Phenomenon

We, human beings spend lot of our energy creating +ve energy around us, or atleast we believe in doing so to a great extent..because somewhere we believe this adds to a successful living.

But often we discover ourselves being caught in an intense web, an undefined web..a jam of consecutive -ve thoughts, or in short a gradual shifting towards a "Destructive Phenomenon".......

This state is achieved more via our senses when our mind is devoid of any reasoning or logic.., but it still wants to come into action. A state where we don't want to use our brains..

The punchline of a leading telecom company in Mumbai, Mahindra British Telecom, says :

" Better thinking.
Better results.."

Just try to imagine what would be the result if this thought process instead of getting any better, is getting stale..

and what if this happens in a series...

That is exactly what leads to Destructive Phenomenon..

Often we fail to understand how could a gang of terrorists kill innocent people..

How can people give their nominations for positions where they hardly know anything, and where their competitors are in a much better position to handle the situation....A situation so much prevelant in Indian politics.

How could we behave so brusquely to somebody who loves us so much, especially when we take our family members for granted..

When animals are overloaded till their death to carry all sorts of human load..

And lets take some worst cases..

How can anybody commit suicide on a small dispute with a dear one.. A situation where people show extreme possessiveness!

How can politicians go to the extent of murdering their own folks, the ones they are supposed to serve.?

Nuclear weapons...atom bombs...They are all so destructive by nature..But how do we readily accept it, rather think that it'll be safer to have their count more than our neighbouring countries...

When people mercilessly kill animals on the road while driving rash, and then quickly escape..

Or in recent times in this corporate world, when people look for scape goats to conceal their own flaws..

Recent stories about psychopaths in Noida, ruthlessly torturing and killing poor children..
Such a shame on human society..

This list is probably endless..
We have reached a stage where our heart has stopped crying..getting indifferent to all such news, which are slowly becoming a part of our life...

Have we lost the principle mission of our life .!.

Can't really comment on this, but one thing is for sure..

Common man, a man like you and me is too prone to such behavior..

Spiritual Guru, Deepak Chopra's daughter recently commented on motherhood:

She emphasized that the upbringing makes a lot of difference..All holy souls are initially the same...One could turn up being a saint, other being a serial killer..

Are we still in a stage where we can recover.............if not all, atleast activate a part of our moral science..

As wise people say
///"It is never too late"/////

Let each one of us come up with a sense of social responsibility..

Good instance to quote here would be
"the launch of CNG in NCR 5-6 years back", an initiative propsed by BJP and implemented by Sheila Dixit...

I would also like to appreciate John Abraham's sincere efforts for raising his voice against the torture done to horses.

If we care to decipher the hidden meaning of the proverb:

" An empty mind is a devil's workshop.."

When we move a step forward to culminate social diseases like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy in whatever way we can...

While I was studying in DAV, we were taught the 10 principles of Arya Samaj:

The 9th one said:

"No one should be content with promoting his/her good only; on the contrary, one should look for his/her good in promoting the good of all."

I sincerely wish, this beautiful thought stays in my heart and guides all my actions...

In my fellow beings good, lies my good..

Just like in my good, lies there's..

Vande Mataram!!!

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Anonymous said...


The topic was quite nice and infact the states of mind you describe is probably very truly felt by many people.

However, the blog talks of many -ve things that happen around us. The second part of the blog somehow does not say how to control the mind to think positively in such a -ve world of corruption, cheating, indifference to human emotions.

blogger said...


"In My fellow Beings good, lies my Good.."

such comment can make just, a good blog or a nice debate

hardly practical....
ask your heart

pilot-pooja said...

Hey BLogger!

I feel that to some extent, Hence wrote that..I guess everyone believes in to some extent.