Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Barney's Big Funtime

Last saturday (17th Feb, 2007), I had gone to visit my sister.To my sheer surprise, my sis told me that she had booked tickets for some cartoon show. There we were, a band of 4, me, my sis and her 2 lovely daughters...all excited to watch live in action, one of the kids' favourite cartoons!

Well this toon was a very famous character "Barney", a loveable purple dinosaur who comes to life through children's imaginations. Barney and his entire team of 5 were supposed to perform live for the first time in India at SiriFort auditorium, New Delhi.

It looked like the priviliged class of Delhi was leaving no stone unturned to hone their kids' skills right from their pre-nursery times! The show had to commence at 4 and for almost half an hour, we were absolutely clueless about the entry point..

At the security gate, there was so much of hustle bustle, signifying confusion in the mind of elders and loads of excitement amongst the kids..The back side of the ticket showed certain terms and conditions. The most striking one stated that no cameras, handbags, purses and mobile phones were allowed in the auditorium..

Naive people like me thought of hiding their cell phones in the innermost compartment of their already stuffed purse. My sis concealed hers inside my niece's jazzy purse!!!
really sorry, for revealing some customized secrets in public..But lets hope, authorites start coming up with some what lenient policies in the near future!

Barney and his co-toons entertained the audience approximately for 1 hour. Children were immensely enjoying the evening..they were seen clapping, dancing, singing, tapping their toes and trying to catch up with Mother Goose who was reciting their all time favourite poems.Their guardians looked more contented with the fact that it had been a successful experiment since their wards were enjoying from the core of their heart!

Event was presented by Lilliput kidswear - "WEAR IT. LOVE IT! and promoted by Pogo and Jbc (Just because it's children).Message was promoted by HT (Hindustan Times) and radio partner "RADIO ONE FM 94.3".

Audience loved oodles of exciting events at the stalls as well.There was a wonderful free of cost photo session, just for kids..My lovely dolls, (my nieces) looked so innocent and beautiful when clicked, while carrying a flower bud in hand..How much i wished to be a child again at that moment!

Another stall displayed the flowcharts of various programmes held at Julia Gabriel centre, a centre which believes in creating confident communicators. It is a multi purpose playclub for children aged between 18 months to 12 years..lucky are those chaps who have got admissions there.For people who are still searching their address, let me give some pointers:

Hauz Khas Delhi: Ph: 26602825-29
2, Padmini Enclave, Hauz Khas , N Delhi-16

DLF Gurgaon: Ph: 5056511-18
45, Kusum Marg, DLF Phase -1, Gurgaon

I must admit, initially I was a bit reluctant abt enjoying the show, but eventually this show had been quite successful in bringing out the cute & fervent child in me..In the end, would like to quote Barney's theme song, kids just love it:

I love you,
You love me,
Ours is a happy family!

With a great big hug,
and a kiss coming to you,
won't you say you love me too!

I love you,
You love me,
We are best friends,
as friends should be!!

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Nidhi said...

hi Pooju
i could have never covered the description of the whole event as u have
im impressed

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thank you so much my sister!
I miss those lovely times quite a lot at times!

Bhagwad Geeta says: "Everythng happens for the best."

Hare Krishna!