Sunday, October 21, 2007

A new Blog has come up!!

After being away for 2 weeks from the blogging world, i have realised that it is just not possible to do away with certain hobbies!

Some of my friends were quite disappointed with my decision.
I gave a thought on starting another blog but with a different theme.
The engineering cult i developed in the 4 years of my college life motivated me to start a technical blog this time!

So, here i go with my new blog!!

I target to enhance my knowledge by trying to figure out the logic driving so many happenings in this technical era!

Any comments, ideas to improve or topics that can be discussed, is surely welcomed!!

In addition to it I will post a quiz at the end, for the people who can flaunt their technical knowledge!!

Hope my new blogger friends will immensely enjoy exploring this new adventure of mine!!

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