Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life as it goes...!

Today when i look back, i find so many reasons to smile..
The most wonderful being my reunion with so many old frds of mine thru this magic tool "Orkut"...

My first onsite to Germany...n being able to admire Europe for its beauty n technology..

And probably the dearest to me, my blog finishing full 365 rounds around the sun today..

All these 69 posts being so dear to me, probably straight from my heart..and i will always cherish the wonderful frdship i felt with so many souls thru my blog..

With hits from almost all parts of the world, leaving Antarctica and other planets of course --)), i have immensely enjoyed my every moment in this vast Blogging world..

On my last Bday, i thought of starting it as a hobby...and now that my bday is just 3 days away..i realise that i have followed my hobby with lot of passion..
I made some money as well with all the Google Ads coming on my blog.:.
And as we has to move on and with a deep breath,
i post my last thoughts on my blog.....
and hoping to follow them with the same zeal, i wish loads of Good Luck to all of my blogging frds..
I really want to thank each one of you for your immense love and support...
Probably will always feel bad for not being to interact much with my blog's anonymous readers..
I can be always reached at:
I will miss my blogging frds so much..

Nadir's cricket updates,
Amita's lovely quotes for the day,
Soulmate's enriching experiences,
Jasginder's marketing world's updates,
The Jungle Mom's merciful acts,
Amit's, Akash's and Karthik's deep thoughts,
And probably much much more..
These wonderful memories have been permanently saved in my heart..

As they say..
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever".
I have always felt as if a beautiful fairy stays inside my blog..
And what she taught me the most is that "Trust" is the key to live life happily..
Trust not only the inner you..
But also the outer you..
For then your life becomes really simple n beautiful..
Probably the fact is that..
I will love you my fairy even after i die..
It can be described more lovingly by Katie Melua's heart-touching song:
Nine Million Bicycles...
The fairy i saw one day..
In that polka dot frock..
With magic wand in her hand,
granting me every good thing i wished for, as i pass by...
I have loved her in the beginning..
I will love her till the end...
She may hardly feel my ocean of love..
But i will surely tell her..
She is my fst and last breath...
I have miles to go today..
But i will surely be back one day...
For i am so incomplete without her,
as she loves me each and every day.........
Oh My Fairy...
I have loved you in the beginning..
I will love you till the end..


Amita..... said...

DEar Pooja..

Many Congratulations for 1st Birthday of your blogpage :) Its so inspiring... keep writing !!

Gud Luck!

Amita..... said...

Awesome blog Puju!!!

I am so proud and glad of being your friend :))

Anonymous said...

There are few people u like ,
There are few u want to be friends with,
There are still others who can inspire you to be like them,
for me u fall in the third category.
keep writing to inspire.......
and also a very happy birthday......

pilot-pooja said...

@Soulmate dear:

Thanks for you lovely birthday wishes!!

I just wanted to say that i am taking off from blogging for a long span, may be half an year or more :-((

The reason behind, blogging became such a passionate hobby of mine, i started neglecting some important things in my life..

So till the time i learn how to be a good manager, i will be away from this beautiful n attractive blogging world!!

All the Best dear for your future endeavors!
It was really great knowing you!!

Nadir said...

Hey Pooja,

Nice to know that atleast someone was interested in my cric updates. But, sad to hear that u r quitting the blogosphere.
U r writing so well and ur posts are so pure and honest.
U shudn't b doing this.
A sincere request, keep blogging.


Jas said...

i agree tht u shud keep blogging, its just an expression of oneself and maybe an extension too. you can do it say once a month?
Anyway you are starting with a tech blog, so why stop the main passion?
will wait :)

Amit Mittal said...

Hmmm...first of all a very happy birthday...i know i know..i am late..but kind of stuck during these days....but no excuse...Sorry !!!....:)
and please don't stop writing goes on...but it won't be the same without it :)