Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bookmark )-(

I saw a lady reading a book and saving her page through a bookmark..

All of a sudden, i realised how much i have always loved to have them around..

My previous post on Interrupts hed been more on a destructive note..
But my love for bookmarks signifies my intrinsic luv for peace, creativity and a divine light in each one of us, like..

Interrupt is when you find yourself shaking in a earth slide..
But Bookmark is when you stop urself to ponder how will our mother earth survive..

Interrupt is when you find urself injured in a match of soccer.
Bookmark is when you try to push someone's wheel chair while still moving with one arm fractured..

Interrupt is feeling irritated with the constant noise of running vehicles on the ground floor.
Bookmark is like enjoying the serene air while climbing stairs for the 11th floor..

.Interrupt is when a 10-year old kid has to look at the world thru his thick glasses..
Bookmark is when his father leaves no stone unturned to rekindle his lost faith to be a pilot...
Interrupt is when you have to cook after every tiring day to quench ur hunger.
But bookmark is when you still feel the urge to share the food with someone who never had a chance to see this beautiful world..


Soulmate said...

interesting... the comparison between an Interrupt and a Bookmark!!!

Amita..... said...

Great writing Pujuuu!!!!

I had never paid so much of positive thoughts towards bookmarks!!

niket said...

I have one serious do you remember things? i mean you can describe what you saw in your dreams?
i can't remember it even after 2 minutes, once i wake up.
when you are writing any song or poem, you use copy paste option or you just love to type by yourself?

pilot-pooja said...

Hi Niket!
Howz life!!

A decade back, even i could not recall my dreams!!
But nowaday i can recall nearly 90% of it!
I wld call it a bliss!!

Most of the times, i copy the song i like, and then edit it!!
At times i just love to type it as well!!