Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Budding Mind..

I am all rejuvenated after having a wonderful weekend with my family members in London..
Really amazing were the moments i spent with my cousin's 5 year old kid..

After meeting him, i realised that we shd never underestimate the power of small small tools..
How much there is to learn,
the sad part is we often fail to observe..

As we grow, we tend to become so much self centred...
The world ard starts revolving ard us only..

We hate to grow..
Thinking that we have already grown..

We fail to listen..
Thinking that only what we think makes sense..

We forget to love n hug..
Which is perhaps the easiest way to smoothen the stretched muscle..

And the worst..
We fail n forget to think.....
And in the process curse those who still attempt to think!

I thought of taking a small interview of my nephew, and his answers really surprised me:

Pooja: Why is night dark?
Ajinkya: Because all the dark clouds come up.

Pooja: Why do you eat food?
Ajinkya: To keep healthy.

Pooja:next question is..
Ajinkya: Let me ask you some questions now !!!!

Ajinkya: Why do we eat and drink?
Pooja: To enjoy life.

Ajinkya: Why do rabbits eat and drink?
Pooja: ( thinking what to say).. To keep healthy.

Ajinkya: To hop around as they like to hop around..

I guess it was half past nine:

Ajinkya: Bua, look at the other side of the window..

Can you see my room.

This is called reflection..´

For a moment, i felt so happy...So proud of him and his parents..who r really working hard helping their child grow..

No doubt, on an average we all have worked hard in our school days..

But did we really work thinking of smthing as creative as Archimedes principle..

We have become so good in cramming...and the logical part of the brain was often untouched..

I really wish to revive the thinking cells in me..

That make me feel good..

So that next time when i meet a child..

I just dont extract things from him..

But rather help him flourish in this universe so wide..

And the next time i visit a library..

I dont have to give a second thought

for any book meant for dummies,

dealing with the topics

i have already read

once or twice!

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Soulmate said...

This post kicked me to think..